Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!


I find Jin’s favorite word, the only way to describe the trip to Chicago.

Let’s start in the pit.

You know who you are.

I had my girls with me.

You saw their faces.

You smiled at them.

You knew what was coming.

You took my money and walked out with a smile on your face.

You wouldn’t care, I know, about their crushing disappointment. That one daughter curled up in the backseat of my car and couldn’t speak for almost three hours. You’d laugh at our nervousness, driving up to the United Center the second night. KNOWING we had tickets that would scan just fine this time, still we were nervous. You did that. You stole a piece of their joy. You looked in their faces and sold them despair with an earnest smile.

It was a lesson. A lesson and a miracle. The second show wasn’t sold out and I had a credit card.

The three of us will talk about this for years to come. We talked about how we reacted in the moment, how we perservered and ultimately won. It was scary, and sad. As a parent, I was afraid I’d done harm, afraid I wouldn’t be able to fix this one.  I was lifted by my youngest in a crucial moment. We both carried the other until she came back to us.

It was costly.

It was a lesson.

In the end, I would do it all again. We would do it all again.

We know, now, how powerful, how resiliant, we are together.

Bring it.






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  1. I’ll limit myself to one “Whoa.” I’d read that the malfeasance around this event was extreme — and I’m glad you found a work around. But, “whoa.”

          1. If I were of the type of person who says that there are positive sides to bad things happening, I might point out that it was surely instructive for your daughters to observe this, and that it might add a little awareness to their lives of how much they don’t know. But I’m not. I’m just disgusted is all, and distressed this happened to you.

          2. You know, I’m glad it happened and I was there. It was hurtful, really painful for them. I would hate for them to have to experience it alone. It was an amazing lesson for me too. We’re all looking at each other with different eyes now, a little more respect and understanding for our separate strengths and weaknesses. I’ll never be thankful enough that the second show wasn’t completely sold out before we got there. We got the last of a handful of tickets. Ultimately they sold out both shows.

  2. Shitty experience. I hate scalpers and resellers. It’s the way things are done now but it sucks. I’m so glad you were able to see the second show. I’m so sorry it ended up costing so much. But at least you have positive memories to balance out the negative. In time the negative memories will fade.

    1. All said and done, we would have done it all again. We learned so much about ourselves and had such a wonderful experience at the show. The music and dance was such a gift.

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