What do you know?

A lot, it turns out.

This week in writing class we talked about fan fiction, two-line horror stories, and characterizations. We shared the writings we had two separate friends write for us.

I asked a friend here in Bismarck whose known me for two years and the boy who grew up across the street from me, but one I haven’t seen since high school except on Facebook.

Can you decide which is which?









First characterization

She is brilliant at defusing awkward situations with her generous laughter. She is an easy audience for any story-teller as her empathy dial was always turned up to eleven. This often put her on the outside of the mainstream as those in the most need of empathy themselves, lie outside the mainstream. She is delighted in sharing and keeping secrets both consequential and frivolous. The world she lives in is often difficult but she knows it can be easier when made into a game. To coin a phrase, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”

Second characterization

She is a generous, kind and fun to be around person. She listens to you. I mean really listens to what you are saying. She gives with her whole heart. She is beautiful inside and out to those around her, however, she doesn’t see it in her own mind. She has a contagious laugh, and a beautiful smile. She likes to have her secrets and knows how to keep secrets also. She is a dreamer of better things and happier times. She has a hard time being who she really wants to be because it may, or may not, fit the ‘norm’. She has an affection for the wild side of life, but worries about upsetting the ‘normal’ side of her life. She can be persuaded to try things on the encouragement of friends if it is a good time. Especially if it’s a walk on the wild side and something she is keen to try. She is phenomenal and I’m glad to be her friend.


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      1. there’s a verb tense clue — but the more decisive thing for me was that the first description doesn’t imply that you have a sort of secret level apart from what most people perceive (this squares well with FB), whereas the second one feels you are hinting at secrets you’re not saying — it feels like someone who knows you now.

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