The Magic Men Live show is coming back.

So far, I haven’t bought a ticket.

I have been thinking about these dimples though.


And that got me thinking about another set of dimples I rather admire.

It happened on Facebook, about a year ago, I minding my own business, when my friend and fellow author Liz Madrid tagged me in a post. Of course, I immediately wanted to see what she was up to and I innocently clicked over to where she was….

She was at Photographer Michael Stokes place.


Mr. Stokes said, No Valentine yet? How about BT Urruela?

 Oh boy.

Liz Madrid said, Dimples, Carly Quinn

 I said, “Seriously Liz? You think I have time for this?” Sigh, “It’s such a busy weekend what with the kids off school and so much writing to do. What? Oh fine, if no one else is willing to step up for this poor man.”

A face only a mother could love.


If you know nothing about BT Urruela, you should go look the man up and not just because his gigawatt smile could light up the entire East Coast. In a world that seems to be spiraling downward in hate, fear and apathy, his story is a little flame of hope.

 And to make things a little more interesting, he’s also a romance novel author.

Yeah, you read it right.

I bought his book, co written by the talented KL Grayson 

I was curious about his depiction of war, given his personal experience. The title, A Lover’s Lament didn’t give me much hope for a happy ending, but I was quickly pulled into Katie and Dev’s story. The book is fast paced, gives a sometimes hard to read perspective of life as a soldier and as a loved one left at home. If you love a good second chance story, this is a great one. Oh, and the sex is smoking hot.  As an aside, I found the book flowed beautifully between the two author’s voices, and I felt it was one of the best depictions of a male character I’ve ever read in a romance novel, a real man. Dev is just a man trying to do his best in his chosen profession, a breath of fresh air in the romance world. Katie is a girl still smarting, wounded in high school, struggling as life piles on the traumas that come with living.

I love Realistic Romance, I love reading stories that could happen to the people in my life, to people I know.So, if you are looking for a bit of real romance, I’d encourage you to check out A Lover’s Lament, I think it will warm your heart, cough, and a few other spots as well.

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  1. Thought I’d have a wee shufty at ‘Lovers Lament’, as a light (cough) reading for the trip home. But Amazon doesn’t seem to love me any more, it just tells me the book’s not available in my location. Hmm, not good enough, so I’ll need a new excuse to buy when home.
    I’m deeply curious to read a man’s take on a romance novel.

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