Too Hot!

A lovely little advertisement made for one of my books. LOVE IT!



Zoe Flanders has had a hell of a year – from a philandering husband, the death of her mother and the quick remarriage of her father – heaven knows she needs a break. So when her best friend suggests she visit an online site specializing in alternative lifestyles, Zoe figures she’s got nothing to lose, not when she’s just looking. But her search for a Dominant takes a slight turn to the unexpected when she hits it off with a man wanting to be, of all things, her submissive instead.

A few wonderful comments from readers.

BadAss Lioness-Five Stars

I was curious to read about a female sub who goes online for a Dom and gets a request to be a Domme/Mistress instead. I was fascinated from the beginning, and it kept getting better. Their exchanges online were so good. I really liked that they got tested and exchanged the results before having sex!!! Safe sex is sexy. And then how they met was satisfying and fun as well. I was expecting that he might be less than he claimed that he was. He was all that and more.

This was short, sexy, and solid bdsm. I want more. I’m glad that I found this mature romance with a woman in her 30s and her sub in his 20s. While the terms Mommy and little boy were mentioned during play, it didn’t take anything away or add for me.

I’m glad to have found this sexy bdsm romance. I’d love if it were longer or there is a sequel novella.

Liz – Five Stars

I liked the build up between the MC and her love interest. The budding relationship between the two was believable, and the stories she wrote for him could have been written as scenarios that happen between them. Overall, a nice debut.

R.A. Wood – Five Stars

I’ve been ready Carly for some time now. She’s wonderful. Make sure you are
sitting down to read.

Cate T – Five Stars

Welcome to the fray Ms Quinn, always room for one more on the Amazon bus;)


I’m always looking for more cheerleaders!

Maybe you’re not as set in your ways as you think you are😉!

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  1. This is going into the reader Carly…can’t wait to see what erotic magic you have released.🔥 Also, love the look of your blog. Did you give it an update?

  2. I just finished reading Solitude. I really loved it! I was sad when it ended. I loved the Doc and Regan. (How do you pronounce Regan? Is it a long e or a long a or a short e or ….?)

        1. I didn’t know people actually said Reeegun until I was watching Brian Regan do his stand up. The guy cracks me up but he doesn’t know how to say his own name ha ha

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