The Three Hardest Parts of Self-Publishing

According to me.

All of last week, I spent editing an older book of mine, getting it ready to put back on Amazon. I corrected spelling errors, things like bid instead of bird, and your instead of you’re. There were an embarrassing number of mistakes like that. I capitalized, italicized, and did lots of work with commas. I struggle with commas, a lot. The number one hardest part of self-publishing, editing.



I was re-reading as I worked. I’d forgotten how much I like this story. So why isn’t it available online? That’s the second hardest part of self-publishing, Haters. Over a year ago, I lent this story to a person who was looking for a good story to read. Yes, I’ll never do that again. She sent me back an email that quite simply, shredded me. I took the book off Amazon and that was that.

Here I am, a year later. A little wiser, skin a bit thicker. I love my story. If you don’t, keep it to yourself. If you have something constructive to say, bring it, I can handle it. Just don’t be an asshole. You’d think that would be simple. It isn’t.



So I’ve sewed up the torn places and decided to put it online again. I’ve edited to the very best of my ability. Now for the third hardest part of Self-publishing. The layout. I’ve spent four days working on the layout. I’ve sucked a friend in to help me with the layout and with her most excellent help, I still haven’t got it right. There are still four pages whose quotation marks fall inside the gutter and Amazon won’t budge. I have to fix it. I have to remember who made the cover, ask them to enlarge it by a minuscule measurement that I don’t have. And I have to ask myself why? Why are you going through all of this for a second time with this book?

I’m doing it all again because some idiot bully out there in the internet-verse called my book fat.


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  1. For the gutter, all it takes is an adjustment to the number in the settings. Because it’s about 400 pagea, I think that’s why it falls inside the gutter. Oh, and the cover designer is Starcrossed Covers. I’ll pm the name!

      1. No good deed goes unpunished — but seriously, what kind of asshole does that? Man.

        I know you have realized this is not a reflection on your book or you, but on her.

        1. It’s taken me awhile to get there. But I’m afraid now the answer to your question is just about everyone. All you have to do is look at the news and see example after example of needless cruelty and violence.

          1. news: yes — although. Hmm. I’m reading a book right now in my spare seconds called “Bully Nation” that argues that psychological bullying is a consequence of formally, socially organized bullying at the institutional level. I’m skeptical. But I just don’t get that you’d ask for something that you got for free and then give unsolicited cruel feedback. Bizarre.

          2. Yes, that’s exactly what I thought. Fine, if you don’t like it. Why make a point to tell them….in rather great detail🙄.

  2. And NEVER read reviews, not yours, not anyone’s (I often wonder if we read the same books!) Of your own, you’ll only ever remember the nasty ones.
    I love your stuff petal, Solitude is my personal favourite xxxxxx

    1. Why, thank you! Did I tell you I found a whole bunch more ancestors from Essex? There’s a church I wanna ask you about, I wonder if you and Helly have been there?

        1. The one I’m thinking of…I’ll get the name for you, reminds me of Dibley. Lol my 12th? Great grandfather was christened there in the 1600s. In fact, I’ve a whole herd from just Essex!

  3. Some good advice above… btw, what is a fat book?? Just asking. I read close to a hundred novels a year most years. I’m not sure I’ve ever read a “fat” book. And I have read all of James Clavell’s and Roland Michener’s books. Didn’t find them fat…
    I hope your new edit of this book does great. And if it is 400 pages as alluded to by Liz, I am impressed. But then again, you are a very impressive woman!!

    1. Lol, fat is the name calling you never seem prepared for. I don’t think I’ve averaged 100 novels the years since college! You’re still doing really well! Thank you, very kindly.

  4. Carly, this is fantastic! You have already done (multiple times) what I haven’t mustered the focus to do once. I really admire that you have taken the time to dial in publish books.👏👏👏Commas are indeed a pain. Not sure exactly what you need on the image but I’m pretty good at working with them. I’m happy to try and help if you want me to give the re-sizing a shot.

    1. yes, I think I’ve noticed some of your digital art, you are indeed, pretty good at working with them. 🤔🤓 WOW, that was a lot of understatement, lol. Now I’m all curious about what your book might entail!
      I just need to have the size tweaked the tiniest bit and apparently, the original designer must do it. Thank you for your offer, I’ll remember that.

  5. Did I miss the title of the book somewhere in the post! I will definitely read it!

    As for self publishing I may need to talk to you. I am sloughing my way through my fantasy fiction book, a hyper competitive genre, and want to float a few chapters to gauge interest. Is that something I can do on Amazon?

    1. That’s a great question, I have no idea! I started writing on Wattpad. I’ve not heard of anyone posting just couple of chapters at Amazon. On watt pad we would write chapter by chapter and I do know that people have written on there and then published on Amazon. We will have to ask Liz Durango if she knows anything about that.
      As of yet my story does not have a title it’s about the last thing I do because it seems to be the hardest thing to figure out, for me.

  6. I agree with the person who said never read day you’re up, the next day you feel like never writing another word. Ps love the bit about calling your story fat😊

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