That Darn Cat!

I have two cats. We adopted them from a home they couldn’t stay in any longer about three years ago. Santa Claus brought them over. They are sweet cats, pretty young still and both fixed.

Jenni looks like part Siamese part Blue Russian. She is very shy and quite anxious around any man except my son whom she adores. She likes quiet dark places and we sometimes have trouble with her sitting in the litter box. UGH! She’s loving the new place though and most days can be found here.


A good sign! I think she likes it.


My other cat is a beautiful girl, also a Siamese mix. These two are sisters, we were told. So, where Jenni is a homebody to its introverted max, Luna thinks she is a wild kitty.


I just adore my girl, with her slightly crossed eyes and mellow personality. But this darn cat keeps sneaking out of the house! I don’t realize it until she’s been gone a day. Then I start calling and asking the family if anyone’s seen her. We’ve had some huge thunderstorms coming through at night and fireworks every night since June 27th. The weekend before last she got out and I would periodically step out and call her, it was raining and I was worried. As soon as I called her she peeked out from under my car and meowed for me to come get her. I had to coax her out to take her into the house. It happened again last saturday, but I called and called for two days and nothing!

This morning I called and called again before I ran errands. Nothing. Fast forward a couple of hours later, I get out of my car, look around, call for Luna. Nothing. I’m halfway into the house and I see her lying in the shade under the neighbor’s car looking like the Sphinx, all cool and collected.

“Luna! Where have you been?”


“I know! Come in and eat.”

“Meow (stretches, stands up and trots across the lawn meowing the whole way) meow, meow, meooooooow.”

“Well, quit sneaking out then!”


“No, you are not a wild kitty!”


“I’m opening the door as fast as I can, stinker!”


“Yes, your highness, I’ll get your dish right away.”

She tries to trip me the entire time I’m fixing her dinner, meowing the whole story of her adventure. I set her bowl down and Jenni comes running to give her sister a sniff or two. After gorging herself, Luna heads to her favorite spot to stretch out and sleep her day away. Home safe again, and dreaming of her next wild adventure while the human in the house affixes a bell to her collar.

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  1. Adventures of a little cat… perhaps a book in there somewhere. And if you change the title and forget the cats, you still have a book—but perhaps more popular! Just sayin!!

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