0 thoughts on “Thanksgiving being Extra”

  1. Even though I had nothing to do with the creation of it in any way, it is really nice to hold. But I didn’t buy it cause it felt good to hold, or just liked the cover design, I liked the writing. This last October, I noticed it was released in August and wanted it so yeah, I ordered it. I think it’s pretty cool. Congrats girlπŸ“š

      1. Hahaha, well you can cry all you want Carly, but you won’t get my clothes off just cause you do. (Sorry, that is in reference to an earlier post today.)

      1. You mean, (gulp) Now that you know, you would still do the naked mambo with Mr. A if he pretended to be “emotionally” distraught? 😲
        I’m shocked! Hahaha. I guess we do not need a poll to know where most would fall on that survey.

        1. I’m pretty open to whatever comfort Mr A might need… I have NO IDEA What were talking about but Mr A would need embarrassingly little effort to get me to mambo with him.

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