Covid comes to Carly’s House

It was the masks.

On May 3rd our local schools stopped requiring masks for students. There were four weeks of school left in our year. The reasons were many and varied as we’ve all seen on FB. School Boards have yet to learn that you can never make everyone happy, but by all means, grease away on that screeching wheel.

May 11th my oldest daughter begged off school with a headache and sore throat.

May 14th my husband is complaining about his scratchy throat and dry hotel air from his job site in the boondocks of North Dakota.

May 16th my youngest complained about her throat, worrying about her upcoming choir concert.

May 18th my oldest daughter cannot taste the truly vile (it was liquid Mucinex, can you imagine if I had to get her to swallow Paregoric?) medicine I’ve been giving her. Off we went for Covid testing. She tested positive and is quarantined through May 23rd

May 19th my youngest child and I go for our Covid Tests. She tests positive on rapid testing and is quarantined through May 27th. I test negative.

May 21st I can’t decide if it’s seasonal allergies or Covid or both. My lab test results come back positive for Covid. I am quarantined through June 1st.

May 24th Older daughter completely recovered, able to attend last week of school and now waiting on her parent’s hand and foot.

May 25th Husband returns home after testing positive for Covid, he is quarantined through June 1st.

May 28th Youngest child is completely recovered and able to go to last day of school. After seven pretty uneventful days, I begin to have fever and chills and only want to lie in bed.

May 29th I tell my husband his birthday is postponed. He’s too sick to care.

May 30th I spend the day arguing with myself about whether or not I should go to the urgent care clinic. I lose, or win and take myself to the clinic where I get chest X-rays, an O2 finger monitor, a new thermometer, and a diagnosis of mild to moderate pneumonia. I panic. I mean, I’ve been panicking since I got the test result. My doctor is very good at reassuring me, gives me her number to call if I feel our plan isn’t working. Our plan is five days of steroids and lots of sleep.

May 31st Husband fully recovered. Fever drops from 102 to 96.5 which is a pretty normal reading for me on my old thermometer. Still feel like crap and sleep all day. I’ve not had pneumonia before and the difficulty breathing freaks me out.

June 1st I feel hungry for the first time in four days. In the afternoon I feel energetic enough to take a quick shower which hasn’t happened for almost a week. I take a nice hot steamy shower and by the end am in full panic mode. I am struggling to breathe. Turns out, if you have pneumonia, you should shower with the door open or a fan on, and not it hot steamy water.

June 2nd No temperature, steroids are starting to kick in, I fix myself eggs and toast. I go back to bed, still feeling a hitch in my chest when I breath.

June 3 I turn the corner and realize I’m going to get better.

June 4 Last day of steroids and I feel much better.

It takes another week to really feel like myself again. The fatigue was fairly mind-numbing. I would be fine then one second later the crabbiest b***h you can imagine.

June 11th I move my oldest to Fargo for his new job. I’m flummoxed by the mask-less horde then walk in to Sam’s Club completely forgetting mine! You see, I’ve just recovered from Covid and my brain isn’t firing on all …..

What did I learn?

Masks work (though honestly I never questioned this, it’s common sense in my opinion)

Kids are good germ factories, even in the teenage years.

The insane amount of information online and coming at us from everywhere is disconcerting. I was terrified. I consider myself logical and rather more science-oriented than otherwise and I was terrified. Every death I’d read about was blown up poster size and slapped on the wall of my gray matter. I couldn’t be logical, I didn’t know how to sort it all. Now it’s all about, are you a long hauler? you don’t need the vaccine, you should immediately get the vaccine, I know people who’ve had it twice, you could have died, your kids should have the vaccine, your kids don’t need the vaccine…

I still wear a mask in public and keep my distance.