I’m completely moved. My sister’s visit is coming to an end. Summer is in full swing.



They finally got the hang of paddling together. It’s been a great three days with cousins. Days filled with board games, playing in the rain, swinging, swimming, running, museums, dinosaur movies, and reservoirs. Fueled with lots of Dr. Pepper and Little Caesar’s Pizza. Never enough time.

[wpvideo z8RDJQgQ ]

It can be downright idyllic. North Dakota.

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  1. It is amazing how the season of frozen tundra you just endured is now filled with such life, beauty, and the laughter of children.🌞🌺 Noticed the dinosaur movie reference…Jurassic Park is on my list for this week, woohoo!

    1. The movie was super fun! We’ve been revisiting all the old ones at home since we saw it.
      We’re ALL greened up and gorgeous down here. It feels like it happened almost over night.

          1. 😮😩I was just over there trying to see a comment and having a hard time logging in and I wondered what was going on! Get it fixed fast!

          2. I don’t think that was the post that closed me down…I believe some of my digital art must have gotten too close to the line. It will probably be tomorrow before I figure it out. Fun post to go out on though, ha!

          3. I hadn’t marked my blog as mature… Nudity is okay but you can’t show people having sex even if the “privates” aren’t visible or making contact with the privates (hands, mouth). I’ve been pretty good about that, not sure which one got away from me.

          4. I’m hoping some spanking occur😛. Can you check my blog and see if the “follow” button is working on the top right of home page? Thank you…this is all a MAJOR pain!

  2. Beautiful photo. Laura Ingalls Wilder always made the South Dakota summer sound so attractive. I’m glad you’re enjoying yours — I feel like mine is slipping through my fingers.

    1. Mine is half gone and I’ve yet to put on a swimsuit or hit the halfway mark of my novella!
      You aren’t doing much better, sorry to say. I’m glad you’re with your dad. It would have been much worse otherwise.

  3. I seem to be missing all the seasonal things but oh well. I had an outline for a new “story idea” that is just sitting there, pouting at me. Grrr. But oh well. I keep saying that.

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