Spank Me

I have an issue with a co-worker.

I said or did something a couple of weeks ago that offended a man I work with every day. You may find my phrasing odd but I’m not sure exactly what it was I said. You see, I have a mouth that I usually keep a very tight reign on, especially in my workplace. Then there was this one day, an offhand comment and a smart alec reply that sort of gave me a bit of free reign around this one person. A little play on words, a quick joke when no one else is in hearing distance, it was fun. It was really fun. Then poof, nothing. At first I thought he was making his point about how dull my job would be when he moved on. But I quickly realized something was very wrong.

I’m a sensitive person, I notice things. I take things to heart. I’m constantly trying to read people, please people and today after stressing about this for the last two weeks, I tried to apologize. I was walking down a hallway and there he was, alone. I stopped and looked at him and said, “I’ve offended you, I-,” and before I could actually apologize he sort of smiled or scoffed and said, “You shouldn’t worry about it.” then practically ran down the hallway to escape me.

So, now this thing, whatever it is I did, that has bothered me for a couple of weeks, had me choking back tears the rest of the day at work. I’ve thought about it all afternoon. It took me a week to get up the nerve to approach and try to apologize, and not only did I not apologize but I’m stuck with weeks and weeks until summer vacation, in which I will have to see him every day.

And that started me thinking, this is why grown women will let a man spank them to tears.

I will admit something here, before Fifty Shades of Grey, I had no notion of BDSM. Since then I’ve done lots more reading, a little research and even written a bit of it. I’m rather fascinated by it now. I’ve often wondered if I have it in me to really play as a submissive. But I can tell you, after today, I would thank the man that could turn me over his knee, tell me what I’ve done wrong and then spank the hell out of me until I was truly sorry. Then, at least, it would be over with. There would be no need for wondering, no need to ask if we were good now, no circling a room as if we are polar opposites. There would be the hug when it was over and everyone would move on.

Do you see?

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  1. I wouldn’t say a spanking would be in order, whether or not you deserve it just to be told what you did wrong – more like somewhere along the way, the lines of communication broke down and now you’re wondering what YOU did wrong. What if it’s not you but him? Even if you did say something that offended him, it’s his decision to be offended – the world will still go on.

    But I think it’s like a lot of people who have nurturing personalities to make sure that everyone is happy, that when someone isn’t happy, then it’s got to be our fault. We must have done something wrong.

    I don’t know if I’m making sense because I’m still recovering from my cold/flu, but I hope you won’t beat yourself up too much over his refusal to talk to you, or about what may have offended him.

    1. I know he’s going to go on like nothing happened, except he won’t speak a word to me. I guess I’m thinking of the spanking as a way to make myself get over it. The fast way. I know this is going to bother me, even though as an adult I’ve done what I can do. It hurts me inside. It’s that seed of it inside me that takes me forever to turn into a pearl I can then cast to the swine. I feel things too much, probably another reason BDSM appeals to me on it’s base levels, the dream of being taken out of my own head.
      You’re not the only one fighting the flu this week, it’s really taken down quite a few people, this might be the only time I’ve thought, I’m glad Liz is a couple of states away…haha!

  2. He’s a twat dear, ignore him. Or, I could come over and clip his ear for him, tell him to behave like a gentleman? Gentlemen don’t make ladies cry.
    Unless you really want him too, what’s he look like, interesting?
    Total change of subject, just chatting with my big sis, she’s reading Solitude on her kindle, likes it…A lot.

    1. I’ll do my best. Lol, he looks like a right pain in my ass. Yay for Angel! That’s so sweet of her to read it and you to put it in front of her! Thanks Caty, maybe this summer you could pack your switch and make a little detour north…I have a couple of boys who could use a lesson in manners.

  3. I love that you say ‘ass’ when you actually mean ‘arse’! You are so sweet, possibly that’s the prob. Tell him to grow a pair and cut the passive aggressive nonsense.

  4. It’s the American coming out in me, though I definitely prefer arse in my usual writing. When I say ass I always think of, “You arrogant ass, you’ve killed us!” I actually hear him saying it in my head. Do you know the movie?

  5. On one hand, there is something cleansing about tears.

    On the other hand, if he’s not man enough to tell you what you said to offend him,,, well then he’s offensive and has no balls.

    (and lastly, note to self not to check your blog at school. I hope the board doesn’t decide to see what I was doing during my lunch.., )

      1. There’s another part to this gif, the spank. I debated about putting it at the beginning but it’s a hard spanking with a hairbrush that left a welt and I decided that was probably a touch more spanking than I was talking about😳

        1. oh no nononononono discipline spanking for me – and if there must be, it has to be the hand.

          Personally, I’m into the aftercare! 🙂

  6. I’m not sure I could even weather the hand, but I mean to find out one of these days. I’ve discovered it requires quite a lot more trust than one would realize, and a certain mindset in the administer.

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