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  1. Seriously — going to court to block them from doing something they weren’t doing? Some people have too much time and money on their hands.

    (interesting fact: in Germany there’s thing called the “Pflichtteil.” You are not allowed to exclude certain people from inheriting from you — that is, even if you name someone else as your heir, that person has to pay out of your estate to certain people (your legal partner, your parents, and your children).

        1. Really interesting reading. The crazy thing to me, being, how much do I need to hate my kids to leave them nothing of mine, nothing they grew up with, nothing they could benefit from?

          1. Yeah, it’s really cold. *All* of the general guidance about naming heirs suggests to think in the long term and not involving the emotion of the moment, i.e., not “who are you angry at this week” but rather “what do you want your legacy to be”. I don’t have kids but I can’t imagine being so angry at a child that I would want my legacy to him/her to be “I could have done something nice for you but instead I chose not to on purpose AND left you open to further litigation as a consequence.” It’s kind of a “Mommie Dearest” move. And (naturally: speaking in ignorance of better information) if the problem is some kind of alienation of affection that occurred as a consequence of his second marriage, (a) why would he be surprised by that? Most kids aren’t going to choose a stepmother over their own mother, esp in an infidelity situation, and (b) why would he want to leave that as his last message to this older children? Puzzles upon puzzles.

          2. One of the smartest things one of my mentors said to me back in the 90s, after a breakup, was “when you breakup, you don’t get any more direct influence over how the story of the relationship is written or told any longer. You may have some indirect influence through your behavior, but the guy is going to develop all of his future understanding of what happened without your input.” It seems like death is the ultimate breakup and making decisions like this is an attempt to control people from beyond the grave. Well, yeah, you can try it. “There’s always hope.” [cough]

  2. I don’t know anything about these people, so really I shouldn’t comment, but…
    First thought on seeing this🤔 ‘That bloke looks like a dick.’
    Read the gumph, low and behold, he was!
    I seem to remember French law is similar to the German, but here that only happens if you die intestate.

    1. yeah, it’s never stopped us before!
      Truly, inheritance has been a thorn since the beginning of time. I don’t know why I thought mine would be any different.

      1. Very true dear 😊
        I don’t like the whole inheritance thing personally. My ex’s family was very hot on what was being left, and to whom. They traded on it for all the 20 years I was married, even used it to cause hurt when I lost babies. Obviously, I couldn’t carry boys, couldn’t supply the male heir for their precious dynasty, till Alex arrived of course. In the end divorce was the perfect escape from the nonsense.
        It is my belief that you should leave enough for incineration/burial/dumping in the sea/crushing into a diamond etc, and possibly a bunch of funny stories and a nice photo or two.
        My parents died 20 years ago, both in their 70’s and within two years of each other, they left the house and some insurances. Now another family live in that house, they’ve cemented over the cherished garden, and the insurances are long gone.

  3. So sad. I was never a fan of his anyway.

    Carly, my fear is that my Dad’s second wife will pull some crap like this. Dad changed his will when Mom passed and it is a “handwritten” will witnessed by two people who have long since passed as well. He doesn’t have a lot, except land, and his second wife worked in the county assessor’s office her entire career. We are going to see him, I can’t really call it home anymore, this weekend and I am going to demand a copy and insist that he get an official document that I will pay for. I don’t trust this woman.

    1. My dad had less than 50 grand including all his possessions and cash etc….except his house and land. They’re the only things of his worth money.
      You’ll be glad you did. Dad did his own on a website then took it to a lawyer, it was poorly written and contradictory, just a mess from one end to the other. “these women” are good at getting what they want, if my dad’s empty viagra bottles are any sign..

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