Some things I never thought about

You’ll notice the awareness that there are countless thoughts I have yet to give my attention to.

These are just what have come up in the last seven days.

In no particular order……excepting the pecking my personal Hei-Hei has given them.


He was looking for me.

I was better off, however unhappy, where I was.

My heart would never have survived her.

Finally making contact is far more emotional than you ever imagined.

Genetic similarities are not bullshit.

Connecting with your roots can cause multiple daily existential crises.

He’s going to tease you about it like any little brother.

You’re going to cry, a lot. Get used to it.

You might have a real desire to do physical damage to the woman you’ve thought about every day for your entire life.

He took the bullet I dodged.

He struggled, feeling we were kept apart.

You’re going to cry, a lot.

He did so many hard things, all on his own.

He was looking for me.







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    1. You know how you start to feel like you’ve really felt the gamut, with love and hate, birth and death, scared and exhilarated? I can honestly say I was completely caught off guard by the breadth and depth still out there to explore.

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