Snow Day, the Third

For those of you enjoying light rain and temps in the low to mid 50’s, here’s a little reminder. It’s December. That’s right, that time of year that brings thoughts of steaming mugs of hot cocoa, maybe pleasantly spiced with Peppermint Schnapps, gently falling snowflakes and cozy wool socks. Here in my neck of the woods, Mother Nature is having a hissy fit over it. Even for us this is a little much.

Monday we received an additional 7 inches of snow. School ended with a solemn announcement from our principal that all kids should have on all their snow gear, pants, gloves, hats, mittens scarves BEFORE getting on the bus and twice he told them, today is a no talking day on the bus. Furthermore, any teachers or staff living outside the city limits should also prepare to head cautiously home. I looked at the teacher I work with and we both looked out the window.

I had been outside for an hour over lunch recess with the kids, I knew it wasn’t pleasant but I wasn’t expecting all this. It took me ten minutes to dig out my car at 3:00 and then I spent the next two hours crawling about the town on terrible roads picking up my kids from school and activities spread all over the place. I finally pulled into my garage just before 5:00. I’d lost track of how many accidents, spinning wheels, cars in ditches and jack-knifed semis I’d seen. Thankfully none, up close and personal.

It’s all the wind’s fault.



7 inches of snow is not that big of a problem here, unless it’s accompanied by 40 mph winds. Then it gets a bit dicey.

Now here we are, Tuesday evening. The snow has stopped except for flurries here and there and the winds have slowed to 25 mph. The city had been under an official Snow Emergency which means the plows will only be working to keep emergency routes open until the snow and wind subside. I’ve gotten an email tonight that our district is planning on having school tomorrow, depending on weather.

At least it hasn’t been as bad as the blizzard of ’96.


Then again, perhaps we’re headed at breakneck speed toward a replay of ’66.


Wouldn’t that be fun?

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  1. We’re still milder than normal here. Dad said he thought it might be a rougher winter than usual, but looks like that’s all landing on you!

    1. Well, the past few years we’ve watched the big storms come out of Canada, skip past us and terrorize the country from Minneapolis eastward….might be our turn. Might! I said might!

      1. Of course, if YOU moved to the coast, you could experience the same, beautiful weather. Very little snow and the ONE time that I remember it snowing here, it was a dust.

        of course, we DO have the RARE hurricane…

        1. There are definitely a few benefits from moving in your direction, Hilton Head, Virginia Beach, the Atlantic Ocean in general, lol. We’ve spent time there and loved every minute. That said, we have really found roots here, cold weather not withstanding, it’s the home of our hearts.

          1. I’m about an hour from Hilton Head. And just under an hour from Tybee. I’m used to pulling up roots and moving at a moment’s notice. But i REALLY like the beach!!!

          2. I understand. I attended 6 different schools between 1st and 6th grade. 2 schools in 7th. Spawn has attended a few… 5 total. He starts his 2nd college (due to relocation) in January. He doesn’t move well and the transition has been rough for him.

          3. I would like to say this is my forever home and my forever job but it’s not and I know it. At least Spawn i an adult now. He still doesn’t move well tho.

          4. Moving physically hurts anymore. This last move – gad I HAVE to downsize. Have to. 3 trucks is stupid for 2 people. And I STILL have stuff at my mom’s.

          5. I moved in a 28 foot truck, and a 12 foot truck and several car loads and an SUV full and every single time I go home, Spawn and I take ONE small suitcase, a small bag, and the computer bag each. We come back with the car loaded down. My mother honestly thought she could get her dad’s huge-ass console television in the trunk of my car. I shit you not.

          6. i can’t do it again. I told Spawn, next time (and there will be a next time as this house is a rental) one truck and ONLY one truck. That was stupid…

  2. Carly, wow! This just blows my mind😳 I can’t believe how badly you are being hit with snow. That photo from ’66 is crazy… Imagine telling the kids, “have fun sledding but watch out for the power lines!” Glad you made it home safely and hopefully able to enjoy some hot cocoa with cozy wool socks on☺️ 😘

    1. Well, if it’s gonna be cold, we might as well have snow measurable only by cubic yards😀. When I saw that picture the firs thing I thought was how’d he get out of his house…😳 I hadn’t thought about sledding😖 And power lines!!

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