Snow Day, Part 2!

The kids left one part of the railing untouched just to see how high the snow would go. It fell shortly after I took this picture. Guess it’s safe to put the camp chair in the garage.

Well, for the first time ever, as far as we can tell, our school system has done two snow days in a row. Today the wind is only blowing at 16 miles per hour, instead of yesterdays 23 and the snow has stopped falling, for now. The school district announced yesterday afternoon that school would be cancelled today to give the city and county time to keep the emergency routes open and then be able to dig out residential streets today.

At last measurement, we received 18 inches of snow.


We had a long glorious Indian Summer that lasted until this week. We’d not even broken out the winter gear, very unusual for a place that is usually trick or treating in the snow.

Well, winter has arrived, heralded by the hoots and hollers of kids and the waxing of sled rails, (Do kids still do that? All we have are plastic toboggans) let the hot cocoa, the cozy nights with popcorn and movies, frosted cheeks and cold noses, warm socks and a big, heavy, down duvet begin.

Happy Winter!


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