I admit it. My sense of humor is perverse at best. I love to laugh and nothing gets me smiling quicker than a wink and nudge. So today as I looked through my Twitter feed I noticed a particular tweet that made me laugh out loud, certainly without meaning too. I wanted to re-tweet it with my response but I don’t want to offend the Tweeter, I really don’t.

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I cannot be the only one who read this and laughed her head off, right? I mean, it is pure gold!

A Facebook friend of mine offered a description of himself when I teased him about one of his posts there, he said, I have a dirty mind but a good heart.

Me too.


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    1. I can safely say that anyone knocking at the back door knows me better than anyone else on the planet. Whether or not they want to know me that ‘deeply and in one step’ well, that’s the question, isn’t it? lol

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