It’s the Little Things that Get You

I went to the storage unit yesterday. I'd bought a hammock stand and wanted to find the hammock. It's also past time for the girls to change over from winter to summer clothes. In our shuffling and looking I noticed two things, one I haven't seen for nine years and the other I didn't know… Continue reading It’s the Little Things that Get You


Today is Mother's Day. This day, perhaps more than any other day of the year carries such varied emotions. For some, it's joyful, a celebration of the best part of their lives. For others, a reminder of abject failure. Failure in their body, in their lifestyle, in their hearts, in their actions, a woman has… Continue reading Mistakes

March – Taking Stock and a Question

It finally happened last week. Temperatures above zero degrees Fahrenheit for the first time in many weeks. At eighteen degrees we had kids stripping off their winter coats to run around in the sunshine in sweatshirts. You can't really blame them when it is sixty degrees warmer than the day before. So, warmth has returned,… Continue reading March – Taking Stock and a Question