Not what I had planned


Though it never is, is it?

My dad passed away late Friday night.

In an odd turn of events, he died on the same day my mom did, albeit three years later. It was a heart attack, we found out today. I joked, “Mom stole his heart…..again.”

So, in the middle of my move, I’m writing an obituary, fielding phone calls from friends and family, and planning a trip to Idaho.

In a fit of grim humor, I remind myself, this is the last time I’ll have to do this. I’m free after this round.

Free. Yet still so tangled up in them sometimes I find it hard to breathe.

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        1. I got your text, but I don’t think i’ve replied yet! Thanks for sending your number to my new phone!! I’m back and unpacking again. Hoping to return to my writers life soon.

    1. It’s certainly a mixed bag. Not at all anything I would have predicted and the relief of being finished with these particular chores is shamefully pleasant.

    1. After five days of drinking and swearing with the people I grew up with, I’m feeling surprisingly well, though the fatigue I thought I had conquered has come back full force.

      1. It’s draining, but can be cleansing too. Drinking and swearing is a nice line in therapy, try singing too, total belters. The neighbours might complain, and of course the kids think your doolaly tap, but bugger them ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  1. Hi Carly. I’m so sorry that you have still more to deal with at this time. It is never an easy time and I pray that you will get through this as well as can be expected. My condolences to you and your family!

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