Nice Girl



What being nice doesn’t prepare you for.

-People who don’t give a shit which, turns out, is roughly 97% of humans. No, I don’t know how they got that way, maybe from dealing with people like themselves.

-Your life numbers, credit score, income bracket, address, phone, how many lovers you’ve had or had not.

-Nice doesn’t get you good grades or even make teachers like you.

-Nice is a tool to get through the bamboo thicket of assholes that think every day is their special day. Be nice because those fuckers will stab you in the back as soon as you take your eyes off them.

-Nice doesn’t make friends; it invites people to take you hostage, to make you their personal Dr. Feelgood.

-Nice is only important to tired parents who want some peace and quiet.

-Nice can only be maintained by an absolute loss of self.

Nice people will tell you that is the whole point.


15 thoughts on “Nice Girl”

  1. Nice may not pay the rent, get the hot bloke, or even make those in control pay attention, but nice is what drives the world. Nice is what other people aspire to, you are already there 😘

    1. Um, I’m leaving….are you coming? You’re still building that house for me in Hell, right? The one where we share a backyard and hang out on the porch when it rains, err, hellfire, and where we drink and remember how ridiculously nice I once was…
      I’m still civil, some might say nice, but inside, I’m changing. For the better.

      1. Aaaaah, the back garden of my dreams, sitting on the veranda sipping g&t’s, putting the world to rights and telling stories.
        Paradise, definitely not hell 😘

    1. Many people make it look effortless. I find it must be very black and white for me or I drown in the ocean of gray. All the best intentions and an inability to act on most of them.

        1. You are right on as per usual. We are in the same wavelength~it is an idea I’ve been working on. It’s complicated, cutting yourself slack. Shutting down lots of critical voices and appreciating who I am is a work in process. It’s very tangled in adoption and all the truths about and fairytales continuously propagated. It’s a maze.

  2. Nice is not just compliant, nice is giving, empathetic. Nice has a bad name, weak, shallow, easy to manipulate. Nice kindness and kindness is often not immediately recognisable. A mothers kindness includes making sure you clean your teeth, eat the veg on your plate, say sorry when you don’t want to.
    Nice is the basic super power😘

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