Moving on down

October has proven itself a bit of a sadist this year.

I was optimistic in the beginning, so much so, I accepted an additional 7 hour/week work assignment at the school. I’ve been feeling better, taking my adrenal pills and b vitamins and doing generally better.

The need for a second car has been growing, I didn’t want to spend too much but wanted a reliable car. I heard about a place about an hour away that sold Hail damaged cars at a discount and I found an incredible steal! Of course I’d never dealt with a salvaged title or trying to get a loan on one or anything like that but I persevered and made the deal.

Can you see the $6000 worth of damage?

On an interesting side note that only those who were kids in the 70’s will appreciate, a scant two miles from the car dealership was this little gem…two miles of dirt roads to a most tranquil, quiet little spot.

Lawrence Welk Homestead


My son turned 18 this month. That was pretty fun. We did a Trapped room and didn’t quite escape but we were on the last puzzle. He’s a little bemused by the hub bub over turning 18  versus the reality of how his life has changed….err, not at all. It’s been pretty funny.60419-jacob2b20002b06

I had a five-day weekend due to teachers training and that’s when everything went to hell. Okay, not really to hell, I got a great deal but the amount of work is just…hell. Our downstairs neighbors have never like us. Not since the day we moved in. Over the past seven years, they’ve complained, I don’t know, once a year. Usually around a holiday when I’m pretty sure the girls have resorted to jumping on beds as a form of entertainment. I don’t think we’re that bad, then again, I don’t live below us. All I know is for seven years I’ve told my kids, no running, no jumping, be quiet, in an endless loop. Over that last five day weekend we located the straw that broke the camel’s back. I did a batch of laundry after 10.

The manager called me in, waved off my apologies and begged me to consider moving to the first floor. She had an apartment in the next building over, completely updated and renovated, ten dollars more a month, don’t worry about a thing, deposit will transfer, no rush on the cleaning as the old apartment will be renovated before it’s re-rented.

HELL yes I’ll move!!

And there goes the last two weeks of October and probably the first two of November before all is said and done….


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  1. Oh darling I feel for you! Moving scares the bejesus out of me, my loft is packed, the garage is packed, the outside cupboards are packed. I daren’t even think about the contents of the house, it’s nightmare I’m trying to avoid, but one that keeps looming up at me.
    On the bright side, the car looks nice 🤗

    1. The car is nice…moving is a waking nightmare. Where is all this sh** coming from? It’s like a tent from Harry Potter. Three Bedrooms, Two Bathrooms and a friggin’ stadium’s worth of junk in there!

  2. I’m amazed that there is a Lawrence Welk Homestead. I mean, not that there was one, but that apparently you can visit it?
    re: 18 — not that much changes, you’re just now legally responsible for it all.
    re: car, congratulations and I’m always amazed at those; my car is much more dented than that.
    and congratulations (I think?) on the move.

    1. It’s open in the summer but we drove out and looked around. It’s amazing to me, trying to reconcile that little farmstead with summer kitchen and outhouse with the elegance I associate with Lawrence Welk.
      All the changes are piling up, hoping to be bored and daydreaming again soon.

  3. New apartment, new car, new extra assignment, and newly adult son, all within a few weeks! Sounds like lots of good stuff going on… and even the cat found its missing toys!

  4. This post didn’t come up in my reader. I came looking because I hadn’t seen anything from you in a long time. Wow. A busy week. Glad you got a great deal on the car. Also glad you’re away from those friendly people below you. Hope your new apartment is fantastic!! And that you regularly dance with your kids on that ground floor. All the best! Time management skills sound like they are being tested, but I know you’re up to the task!

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