Metal Head

In 1986 it meant this….

Well, I was going to put a picture here of me with braces. Apparently I never opened my mouth the entire year I had them. The closest I could find was my senior picture, get out your magnifying glass, ’cause there’s no way anyone was getting the full glare of my metal.


That was then, today I became the other kind of Metal Head.

Today I heard this for the first time.

I clicked on it for fun, I like Conan, maybe I would laugh, what’s Disturbed?

Less than five minutes later, I was addicted.

Growing up, hard rock was a no no, heavy metal was a he** no. My parents said it was the music of the devil and made teenagers prone to crashing their cars and running into trees while skiing and listening to it on their Walkman. Don’t even get them started on the swear words. If we listened to Heavy Metal we would certainly hear words we shouldn’t. So I’ve never listened much to metal and never heard a song by Disturbed. Granted, this cover of The Sound of Silence, isn’t metal, it’s acoustic, but the voice of David Draiman, how have I never heard him sing before? My ITunes has just received a much needed shot of life with titles like Inside the Fire, You’re Mine, Indestructible, and Stricken.

It’s been years since the sound of a voice has stopped me dead in my tracks, gripped until the song ended. I’m gratified I still have it in me, that part that can be moved to stillness by a single voice. I love how he’s taken a song I’ve known as long as I can remember and vitally changed my emotional response to it.

Such a gift on an ordinary day.


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  1. Chills! I’ve always liked the melody of that song, but it’s never moved me in such a way. Hubby (who does listen to heavy metal) knew exactly who it was, though he’d never heard him sing this way. Now he’s downloading it for me. =)

    1. Exactly! Such a change in perspective on the song and the band. I would never have just looked up Disturbed but since I have I’ve found several songs I just love. That’s cool your hubby was familiar with the group but had never heard him sing that way, I bet it was pretty crazy for him to hear too!

  2. We weren’t supposed to listen to metal either. Surprising, isn’t it, the hills that parents built to die on in those days …

    1. Having my own teenager now, who loves classic rock, Boston, etc… I wonder all over again why my parents were so terrified of music. I can only assume it was rooted in a childhood in which there was no television or movies, barely radio. Perhaps music had a different meaning, different impact on them than it does in it’s easily accessed modern formats?
      It makes me curious about what else I’ve missed that my soul is searching for.

      1. I can only think that my mother was 14 in 1955 (the year musical hell broke loose on popular radio stations that broadcast to white people) and that maybe she got some message there. But her generation was also told from the pulpit not to dance (shrug).

  3. My mom would have been 17 in 1955. She loved old Elvis, the spirituals, the country. But by the beginning of the seventies her taste had regressed to Jim Reeves and his era of singers. I know all those old songs by heart.

  4. I had to listen to it a few times before it really struck me. I really love the original buy this is now on my playlist as well. I will listen to them back to back sometimes.

  5. I heard the original on the radio the other day, and though I love Simon and Garfunkel, there is something about the timber of David Draiman’s voice that staggers my soul. I actually prefer the version from Conan over the recorded version from the album. I find myself listening to the you tube version to get a fix every once in awhile.

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