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  1. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. I think when it comes to writing, it’s a long game, a marathon, and you have to leave behind the ones who end up not running or growing along with you.

      1. I think it also has to do with balance. It’s the hardest thing to achieve and I find that it requires constant work, constant checking – and hopefully, from both sides.

        1. I think it takes a kindred spirit who understands the need for solitude and creativity balanced with the need to share. For me, a lot of things have to go by the wayside, mainly anything that resembles housework….just, no.

          1. This is why I don’t invite anyone to my house lol. Writing comes first (I wish, but at least, everyone at the house has gotten the memo) But at least, the kid has learned to feed himself and even clothed himself when he knows mommy has to work. Something’s gotta give and it’s a vicious cycle, but one that is necessary. I can easily say, I’ll give up writing so I’ll be the perfect mom I want to be, but there’s this huge part of me that says, hell no. Been there, done that, and can’t remember those 10 years of my life because I was a zombie.

  2. Sorry, came to this late. I’ve found friendship comes in waves, not everybody tide is coming in at the same time as mine, what can you do. I’ve found some people stick, I don’t hear from them for a year or two, then WHAM, and we’re back like we were never apart. Not crazy about the idea of discarding people, that’s like discarding part of yourself?

    1. A good point, and I agree that some friendships have a certain fluidity. This really struck a chord in me more from a writing point of view, bringing to mind the constant battle with people who want lots of your time.

  3. Just left a three paragraph comment…and the bloody thing just ate it!
    Short version is friends don’t go away, they wash in and out like the tide, there when you need them.

  4. I’m sorry it ate your comment! I’m sure it was delicious.
    I think my affinity for the article is also rooted in my gypsy lifestyle and just the number of times I’ve moved thousands of miles having to physically leave friends behind.

  5. Not sure the ladies assessment was that helpful, everyone you meet, is fuel. Every situation you find yourself in enters The Writer Compendium of Useful Stuff. Cut out relationships cos they don’t seem to be useful seems rather too clinical an approach. I don’t think it aids the writer one iota to be driven by the ‘success’ myth, also she seems to have a love of the ‘rules of writing’ (unless I got it wrong of course, which is not unknown) To me those rules seem to turn out same-old-same-old. Bought three books on kindle that could have been the same story, just the names and times were different. They all fell into the same pit of predictability practically from page one, now I know they say there are only 2 plots; stranger comes to town and person goes on a journey, but please…

  6. I totally agree with the fuel, lol, poor saps who unwittingly engage with me. She does like the rules of writing and successful publishing and yes, I too have been sent scurrying back to the local library having been spanked by sinking money into my kindle for stories that let me down long before the first chapter ends. It’s a little less painful to have only wasted a trip to the library.
    But from a place inside me, I have to take seriously the amount of work I tend to pour into people who (love the attention, no doubt) drain time and energy from me like freaking Death Eaters. It brought to mind a pin I have re: friendship

    Which reminds me…Helly! (stomps foot, full tantrum to follow at some unspecified point)

    1. LOL, Oh, it politics at the moment, possibly furniture blinging, and of course myriad other shiny things that happen past. Nellie is enduring ‘writers block’, not a thing I’m actually convinced exists, but she does, and it’s quite painful to watch. I think sometimes life flicks an attention switch. And you may have noticed that my country has chosen this year to rip its heart out. Well, she got very involved at a local level, the whole thing, leafleting, organising and stuff. As an aging Socialist, I have been there before, so tramping the streets trying to justify the behaviour of career politicians is just not my thing any more. I’ll just support Mr C with my votes.
      I will give her a sharp kick in the bahookie though, I think she may need it.

        1. She’s re-vamping a dresser for my kitchen at the mo, I need a new home for my ‘cabinet of curiosities’ or ‘junk’ as the wonder son calls it, bless him, little does he know I’m leaving it all to him in my will!!!!

          1. It’s a treasure trove of wonderful gems, a lovely old Imperial typewriter, some beautifully rusted sheep shears, my first microscope, a thing for putting the thread on…things (I love the feel of it) Lucy gets the pictures though, she’ll know how to hang them better.
            It’s a lovely evening, it would be so nice to sit in the garden, drink something nice and natter.

  7. I’m reminded of the notion of “energy vampires,” which I learned about after a year of blogging. There are people who primarily exist to soak up my energy without recharging the bank (and it’s not always entirely obvious who those people are).

  8. There are people, nice people, who thrive on attention. I love to give attention, I just find if I want to write I have to learn to be judicious. It’s hard for me to learn and I find myself re-learning it often. okay, ad nauseum…..

    1. the really important lessons seem to be like that — they have to be repeated. (I’m sure there’s something obvious about why that is the case but it seems unfair)

    2. I’d love to say ‘I’m too old for all that nonsense, I’ll stick with what I have thank you’. But it’s not true, I love the different view of the world new people provide me with, I just have slightly less patience these days.

        1. Nah, don’t believe it! You have more in you than that. You haven’t told Nellie off for dropping the ball with Freddie and Billy! I have, didn’t get me anywhere, but…

          1. I think about emailing her but I keep hearing this little voice in my head telling me that my sarcasm isn’t understood by most people. Then I think I should give her her space and she’ll come back if/when she wants to.

          2. Just as you won’t stray too far my lovely, real writers never go, there’s always another story to be told! Now I have to walk my doggie, only Sammy now, Mitsy gets as far as the park gates, sits down and won’t move! Speak again pet, some stuff I could do with help on xxxxxxxxx

  9. Have you been to Dreamer recently? it’s in need of some attention. Red, JJ and Jadey are the only people I see on there these days. It’s sad, the RA fic world is a positive desert these days. Speaking of which…Pilot? Now there’s an interesting word…:)

      1. I think his projects are coming too slowly for us, I need to see Pilgrimage, and quite desperate for Urban to get out there. Not very worried about the Sleepwalker thing, sounds a bit soapyplanecrashy. I was looking forward to the Midlife Crisis thing, I’d love to see him do real comedy.

          1. Well at least he didn’t do a Sean Bean, have a rather silly backstory about his dad being in the military, and living in the UK for years! The man had a full blown Sheffield accent! We hear the standard American accent and accept it with very little question, then hear some US actors doing their best UK and cringe. It’s what you’re familiar with I suppose. Like the old Scotty in Star Trek, his accent was awful, but in the end we just accepted it.

          2. He is good, the accent is still shaky, but I am a bit picky about that. I haven’t seen the new one yet, but should be going next week. Fingers crossed it’ll be worth it.

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