Looking Back, 2018

I’m starting this post in a noisy hotel room in Billings, Montana. The girls are tired and arguing as they make the couch bed. We’ve spent the last ten days with relatives and are making the laborious trip home. The roads have been equal parts excellent and horrible. We’ve seen two slide-offs so far, one a semi, but the roads the rest of the way home tomorrow look very good. We chose a good window. 

I’ve been reading many blogs this evening, people I follow who are posting their end of year notes. Zee and Servetus inspired me to look at my blog stats. I’ve never done that before. My most popular blog post last year was BTS Is Comingfollowed closely by 3 Steps to the Perfect Adoption, which tied with a big surprise showing by Spank Me, the second blog post I wrote here. 

I must admit I’m quite surprised. Not so much by the BTS post but by the other two. I’ve often wondered this year, what direction to take the blog. Although I love BTS to distraction, I’m not one to blog about just them. The subject of adoption fills me with a helpless rage that makes me dread writing about it. Spankings and all things BDSM are fascinating to me but very far from the path I currently walk in life. Though a part of me dreams of exploring, pragmatic me worries about blogging about it and the possibilities of small-town backlash. Especially when considering my current occupation. It requires more contemplation. 

I’m back home and tomorrow, back to work. Time to settle back into comfortable ways. The holidays, while delightful, were filled with face time, with actual people! It was pretty exhausting. I’m ready to sit back, meditate, write, publish, and be more open to the wonderful. 



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  1. Have a safe trip home tomorrow! Ten days of face-to-face time can be both fun and exhausting. I don’t even know where to begin but I’m glad you guys are having fun. I see people plan their posts for the whole year based around some sort of a theme and mine is simply just whatever I’m in the mood to write about that day. Not the best thing for an author blog but then I’ve been a blogger longer than I’ve been an author and back then, I wrote whatever I wanted to write. Well, Richard Armitage aside. Poetry, mostly lol

    Can’t wait to see you start blogging again for the rest of 2019 with whatever you’d like to talk about. Love the photo of your books, btw!

  2. One response I have is that if it’s really to have the function of supporting your presence as an author, it will be best if it reflects all the things you want to write about it — it feels more sincere that way and that seems to be something essential for blog success — that the reader feels they are in contact with something real. (I notice this both as blogger and as reader.)

    The other thing is that I’m always amused at what shows up in the end of year summaries. One year my top post was that Benedict Cumbatch was seen at The Crucible. I mean, wtf?

    Happy New Year, and thanks for being in my life.

    1. I was pretty surprised that every search term listed had BDSM in it except 1. That one was searching for diatomaceous earth. I agree with you about the real. I do want to write what I want, whether it be about sex, adoption, stories, hot Korean boys or whatever tickles my fancy. I find myself looking for permission far less often nowadays, but it does come up from time to time.
      Love you!

      1. I think I read a few years ago that 40 percent of all internet searches relate to sex in some way. So why not make hay if it interests you? 🙂

        Right back atcha.

  3. You’re not alone in struggling to find a direction for your blog. As long as you’re stringing words together it’s still moving forward, and that’s gotta be better than standing still with no idea. Just write what you want till you find your groove again.

          1. But she can shrug off all the worry and stress that bog us down, imagine how awesome that would be! To wake up every morning without any regrets, without anxiety, without self recrimination and free to enjoy every moment given to us. Be more Dory, that’s what I say.

          2. Oh my Lord, even the thought of it overwhelms me. Why, I’d leave the house in slippers without stacking the dishwasher, or putting a bra on. (Ahh, I’d never wear a bra again!) Maybe we should be more Marlin.

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