I’m so dang tired!

You’re probably thinking I’m going to dish on something straight out of your Facebook feed.

Nope. I’d be crazy to weigh in on any of that crap.

I mean, I am tired. All the time. It started towards the end of April, my student reading her book out loud to me. I knew something was off when she opened to the first page and looked up over the rim of her pink glasses, “Don’t fall asleep!” She told me.  We both laughed, but she shook her finger and said, “I’m not kidding! Listen!” Two seconds later I jerked my head upright just in time to get another look over bubblegum pink glasses.

I wrote it off to stress, to work, to worry and declared I’d think about it tomorrow. Here it is August and I’m still dealing with it. GRRR You’d think I’d just pick up the phone, call the Doc and head in for some blood work. Well, I did. They can’t get me in till December 6th. Now I’m staring down four months of kindergarteners and I’m already exhausted. What is a woman to do? I’ll tell you. You pull out the voodoo, just like mom taught me, back in the day. I did some muscle testing. It’s my Adrenal Glands, my muscles tell me. I’ve ordered some pills and I’ll let you know in September how well my muscles know me.

See, now you’re judging. How do I know? I did it every day of my life when someone would call on the phone asking mom to test for them. Yes, she was well-known for her, um, ability. The most people know about me is that I don’t love doctors. I went the rounds with a few of them in Pittsburgh. I kept going in with, I acknowledge, vague symptoms and every single visit I head the same thing. “We can’t find a thing wrong with you. Would you like some anti-depressants?”


Louise! If I had a dollar for every time I heard that. It took years of fruitless appointments for me to start asking myself, “What the hell’s wrong with you?” I’ve said that everyday this summer as I’ve sat down at my keyboard, only to be woken up a few moments later by the sound of my own allergies rattling in my throat. It’s beyond annoying, and I’ll think I’ve got a handle on it and the next week I’m back to square one. It’s made writing just hellish this summer.

The only upside, I’ve spent hours and hours in that vague place between almost asleep and totally asleep. I’ve some killer story ideas in my notebook, and as life pushes back up into Drive, I wait impatiently for the day my adrenals are ready to get off the bench and keep me awake at my keyboard.

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  1. Oh no! I can’t believe they can’t see you until December! One of my friends went through something like that. She used to be on that liquid Hollywood Diet for as long as we knew her and then one day she was losing so much weight and I commented about how well the diet drink was working for her and she told me she wasn’t on it at all. She was losing weight but this time, it wasn’t what she wanted. She went to so many doctors and they couldn’t find anything. They blamed it on mold and then she went to a reflexologist – a European guy who touched her her big toe or some part of her foot, pressed until she was cross-eyed with pain and said, it’s your adrenals. Your thyroid.

    She went to the doctor and told the doctor to test her thyroid and lo and behold, she had an overactive thyroid and by then her eyes were already bugging out. Boy, that was a long-winded story! But you bet I ended up taking a hand/foot/ear reflexology course after that and am certified LOL

    Anyway, haven’t really done muscle testing even though I studied that, too. But sometimes you just gotta trust that voice.

    1. OMG!! My big toes have been bothering me all summer, I kid you not! I turn or stretch them the right way and yowza! That’s crazy! I’m so glad you told me the story..now, if I could only lose weight hand over fist..lol. I guess I should stop snacking on Wavy Lays to keep myself awake.

      1. LOL I tell that story to everyone only because that European guy was so right and she really did go cross-eyed from the pain LOL

      1. Hope you’ll be able to address the adrenals stuff. I know self-reflexology helps. I do it all the time for myself and you don’t have to focus on the feet reflex points. The hands and ears have points, too 🙂

  2. Adrenal deficiency (Addison’s Disease) is serious and can be life threatening. I hope you are able to get medical treatment sooner, rather than later.

  3. Me, too. Tired, and tired of everything. I napped for four hours today and could have slept another eight.

      1. I’ve been wondering lately if I just used up my entire supply of adrenal hormones in the period between 2009 and 2015. I keep thinking, you’re going to get caught up, you will recharge … it just seems I get tireder and tireder.

    1. yeah, if that isn’t just the biggest WTF of any adult’s lifetime. 99% of the time, your doctor is guessing. They’re such professionals according to your parents then you grow up and, mm, not so much.

  4. December? Is that normal where you are? I can generally get in to see my family doctor same day, or if not that then next day.

    1. I haven’t lived here terribly long, but yes, it seems to be the norm. Most of the people at work make their appointments months in advance. You can walk in to the clinics and get same day but I was thinking I’d try and start to build a relationship with a doc….or not.

      1. Wow. I’ve been with mine since he delivered my younger son.
        Blood tests might be worthwhile, though. Could be low iron or low thyroid, etc.

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