I need to read more

So, with this long weekend (5 day) that we had off school I…

Cleaned the Laundry room, sorted out winter clothes for the girls from boxes, went to the new Reacher movie (no, I haven’t read that book either though I’ve read a lot of the Reacher books), cleaned off the dining room table, went grocery shopping, added the Jefferson curl to my new exercises to ignore list (though if I had a trainer and he looked like that…..), listened to Tim Ferriss a few times, Can I just say here, holy shit, Jocko Willink! I couldn’t stop listening, took my girls to the local pumpkin patch fun zone, did laundry, wrote, cooked,I may have picked up a book, but only to move it, oh yeah, I cleaned out both litter boxes correctly for the first time in too long, and checked out the sexy cowboy’s Snapchat from
Amsterdam, he was naughty boy.

One of the things that working a traditional job has made me too lazy for is reading. As a writer, reading is imperative.I really believe that. I don’t read enough, not nearly. I don’t mean just novels, either. I mean pins and tweets and FB posts as well. If I’m not reading I’m not communicating. If I’m not communicating I’m not connecting. If I’m not connected then no one knows anything about me.

Especially the important parts.


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  1. I have fallen back into an old habit, I’ve been trying to shed for the last 2 years – I’m collecting books, but not reading them. I’m not… whole… when I’m not reading. So I get you completely there.

    The problem when I have time off, I get nothing done. Collecting books, maybe some writing. No reading, no cleaning. I DID manage to do laundry yesterday, however, had the cat not chucked 2 cans of cat food (his and his mother’s) on my bed – including both sheets, the quilt and 6 stacked clean shirts – I wouldn’t have gotten THAT done.

    1. Oi, cat!
      I know if I don’t find the discipline inside myself it won’t happen. At least I’ve turned to podcasts instead of mindless games, lol. I’m comforting myself with that๐Ÿ™ƒ

  2. I love to read, but I find Internet reading more convenient, and I know what you’re talking about. I don’t distract myself with video games but with news — but there is so much of it and I could read it for days interrupted.

    1. I can’t do the news right now, I think that’s why I’ve turned to podcasts and, when I’m desperate enough, my kindle. (I spelled it kinkle then corrected it. A Freudian slip if ever I’ve had one.) Sometimes I just miss sitting down, undisturbed, with a book in my hands. I’m not sure which part of that statement is my biggest challenge.

      1. I’m almost getting to the point where I have shorted myself on the Internet — but it really takes a lot of effort. I’m still faced with the equilibrium question, but I’m going to have to find a way around that as the problem is not going away. Undisturbed is just hard to achieve.

    1. it’s just really hard. I came upstairs this morning, said “good morning,” and asked a question and the person I was speaking to apparently did not notice — he simply launched into the recital of things he’d been waiting to say since 5 a.m. In short: some people don’t expect they have to listen.

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