I’ve never been a fan of Tony Goldwyn, the actor.  It’s Carl Bruner’s fault. If he wasn’t such a schmuck….

One of the things I love about my summers is the time I have to indulge in lots of reading and watching Netflix, or IMTV, or Amazon, and scarfing popcorn like a starving ogre in a dark movie theater. This summer I’ve been watching Scandal.


I don’t know why, except maybe because I watched all of the latest season of House of Cards in two days. That’s probably why. In any case, I started watching it, realized Mr. Goldwyn was portraying the president, felt nauseous, and looked around for something else to watch.  I didn’t find anything satisfying, and trudged back to Scandal. I like Huck and Quinn. I determined to watch just the first season. And then it happened. There was a moment in that first season where Mr. Goldwyn communed with me. The slimy bastard, he caught me.


This isn’t the look that brought me to my knees.

For those of you who haven’t partaken. Scandal details the presidency of this guy and his affair with the pretty girl up there by the name. Yeah, he’s married and has a family. Yeah, she’s single, her brain not turned to mush by children, her time to straighten her hair on a daily basis, her own. Basically, the show follows the ups and downs of two people who love each other, but can never be together.

Normally, I wouldn’t survive her stridency, her non-stop self aggrandizing, her ridiculous perfection, but normally Mr. Goldwyn wouldn’t be standing strong and silent in the background breaking my heart. Normally I’d think he was getting what he deserved, slimy bastard.

But this time, my heart stuttered when it remembered how that feeling brought me to my knees, the one that just pulled his features into heartbreak for that split second, I remember how that felt. And then he did it again, and again, and again, until I cried uncle. And he’s continued to wring my heart in his hand for four seasons with his longing. His desperation for the company of one who doesn’t speak at him, need him, want a bit of his power, but the one who communes with him in utter and complete silence. The one who sees magnificence in his commonality, his boxers and bare feet on a Saturday morning. The one who tapes the apneic snore when he falls asleep on his back, for proof. The one that loves his scar because it’s real.

I live that look. I plot my days to survive that very hunger.

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  1. Oh wow. That was beautiful. I’ve always liked him ever since I first saw him in Ghost. I’ll probably love him as the president, too.

      1. I actually liked him in Ghost. He got me there as the best friend who got himself into a pickle and turned out bad, but that’s just how good he is as an actor and kinda got stereotyped in the process LOL But I’m glad he’s headlining a series now. When I stop writing, I’ll check it out!

  2. I watched that, loved him. He has that skinny emotive type face that gets to you. To be honest, I didn’t even realise he was in Ghost!
    I did have a real thing for Political/White House drama, West Wing being my absolute favourite, liked Madame Secretary, and even Designated Survivor for a while there (can’t help but think Kirkman is just too nice to survive even a week in politics, bless) But have to be honest, all the shenanigans at the moment has rather put me off.
    So I have to look elsewhere for my ‘clever arse’ fix. Any suggestions will be happily received, I’m open for business!!!!
    By the by, my secret sin was Grimm, just loved Captain Renard…

    1. I liked West Wing, I too watched Designated Survivor and I like the idea behind it but I agree, Kirkman would never survive.
      I’ve no idea what I’ll watch next. But I think I might have to write about how much Season 4-5 has made me hate Olivia Pope and by association Shonda Rhimes. We’ll see…

      1. I find some of the characters in these things, either too good to be true, or morally ambiguous and, while I know in politics that’s probably the norm, I’d like more depth. I want more, I’m just plain greedy.

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