HS Sufferers – My Three-Step System to Manage Outbreaks

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa

I’d never heard of it before February 2020. From everything I’ve read, here is yet another illness with terrible symptoms and no apparent cause. When one starts reading about it, many frightening terms crop up, Type II Diabetes, Crohn’s, Polycystic Ovarian Disease, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and several others. But no one can tell you precisely what is causing the painful boil-like lumps appearing in places you’d rather not talk about.

I searched many blogs and looked at medical sites but couldn’t find a basic program to heal myself. I didn’t want to only clear up the symptoms. I wanted to heal. What follows is the process I learned through trial and error.

I’m not a doctor, just a woman looking for healing.

This is what worked best for me.

The quickest way to manage a breakout.

You’ll need a few inexpensive items.

Gauze sponges, I like these from Amazon. I purchased this giant pack of 200 for around ten dollars because I used several gauze squares every day.

Bentonite Clay, I used the Redmond Brand.


Wound Wash or Saline Solution, I used both. They worked equally well.

PATIENCE, an endless supply.

This isn’t a treat one day, and go on with life ailment. It takes time, patience, and rest to heal.

The Process

When I first notice the painful lumps growing, I mix up some clay and water in a small wide-mouth jar, or if it’s empty enough, the container the clay comes in. It should be a wet mixture; I keep mine in my bathroom for easy accessibility.

First, I give the area a quick rinse with Wound Wash or Saline.

Next, I dip a fresh gauze pad in the clay paste, almost wet enough you need to wring it out. I stick it under my arm, making sure it covers the growing boil.

Every time I go to the bathroom, I rinse, make a fresh gauze pad, and throw the old one away. Because the outbreak is in my armpit, I don’t bother with tape. If you’re able, it is good to secure it. I treat with the gauze pads all day.

The third step, before bed, I shower and wash with Caress soap. I rinse the wound again with Wound Wash or Saline Solution, letting it dry while I towel off. Then I cover the area with a thick layer of Vaseline. I don’t use gauze at night, I’m using Vaseline to keep the site moist and healing.

I keep doing this until the clay brings everything to a head and draining begins. I’ve found nothing faster at getting the sores to a head.

Once the boil begins to drain, put clean gauze and clay on it as often as possible during the day. Rinsing between applications is most important during this phase. I’ve quit too early and had to start all over, and that totally sucks.

After the holes have closed, go ahead with just Vaseline until it heals completely. The wound rinse and saline, I continue using at least morning and night.

Working at home makes it easier to manage, yes. But I found this aggressive treating of it made it less debilitating than the first bout, less painful, and all-around easier to manage. That said, it still took me a few weeks to heal.

If you are at work during the day and can figure a way to have your jar of paste and gauze pads handy when you go to the bathroom-even changing out the gauze once or twice a day will help a lot.

In my first round, I had breakouts in both armpits; in the second round, only one armpit. I tried more products the second time because of the sheer misery of it. This second time, after everything had drained, I kept changing products trying to close the hole. Nothing was working, and I ended up with a rash from one of the products. I’d spent a small fortune on silver alginate wound dressings and Manuka honey. After much thought and reading, I decided to go back to the simplest things I knew: clay, gauze, Vaseline, repeat. Once I went back to my formula, my wound healed beautifully, the skin rash gone, no more lumps or pain. If this happens again, I will immediately go to my Clay, Gauze, Vaseline, repeat.

Some of the other products I tried but had no success with were castor oil packs, silver alginate wound dressings, manuka honey, and Vicks vapor rub. Some of these were expensive, and NONE worked as well as the inexpensive items listed above.


Since I wrote this article, I’ve had one more seriously harsh breakout. It was in my groin. Ugh. After suffering for a week, I tweaked my process. I added 5-10 drops of Tea Tree Oil to my pad with the Bentonite Clay paste and kept doing so until the boil started to drain. Adding the oil brought the bump to a head within a day. Once it was draining, I added 5-6 drops of Collodial Silver instead of the Tea Tree Oil until the boil completely disappeared.

The Tea Tree Oil added to the clay brought the boil to a head much more quickly than the clay alone. Once the drainage began, it seemed like a no-brainer to add the Collodial Silver as an antibiotic aide. Despite this being the worst breakout so far, it took less than two weeks (9-10 days) to clear up. I loved that result.

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  1. Had never heard of this — how horrible! I’m glad you’re on top of it, but nonetheless, I hope it goes away now!!

    1. It hasn’t recurred so, finger’s crossed, I’ve managed it. It’s one of those things no one can explain.

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