Hot Hot Summer

I can tell from the sluggish nature of a lot of blogs that summer has well and truly arrived. We’ve all decamped to the nearest water feature and ……


well, that’s what the girls are doing.

Along with a little of this.


I am doing this.


With quite a bit of this, on the side.


I’ll also admit to being glued to this like there’s no tomorrow.


It’s my summer reading book stack, my track down the boy app, my where is the closest ice cream map. Amazing freaking tool.

Ahhh, Summer!


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  1. Arguably, too much rain (depending on who you talk to). The strawberries weren’t very good; they need more sun. But oh well.

    1. Only the youngest and I eat strawberries and only once so far this year. We’ve been living on Watermelon and summer sausage with cheese spread and french bread. Our summer staples.

  2. Have a drink for me Carly! Right now I can’t afford the useless calories in alcohol and mix– I have a wager to win! lol. The weather up here has been mostly wet and much cooler than normal. So days like you describe haven’t happened yet. But my Queen and I are hoping…

    1. Usually we have to wait till August ourselves but this year we’ve been in the triple digits a couple of times already and lounged in the high nineties for almost this entire month. For NoDak that is pretty damn amazing.
      I’m actually not much of a drinker, though I talk a good game. lol I drink lots of flavored water in the summer and Gt’s Kombucha like crazy since I discovered it. I like to try a new drink when I’m out to lunch with friends and my old standby, Fireball, on the odd evening,
      In fact, unless I’m sick and making a toddy, I’m the epitome of social drinker.
      You’re getting my rain too!!
      How long do we have left on the wager?
      August is looming……;)

  3. Had wonderful weather at Lucy’s in February, fantastic weather in Krakow in June, sort of niceish for my birthday, till about three days ago, when it just came down like stair rods! Now it’s just blowy and overcast.
    Humph…not that I’m sulking you understand 🙁

    1. Sigh….even you with the rain! We’re in a drought over here. But I have to say I have really loved the weather this year, except I’m missing my nightly thunderstorms!!
      I’m a little sulky….

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