Personally, I think that much of my angst over writing comes from not knowing what tools are out there to help me, or being to cheap to purchase them. I found the Grammarly app in late June but really didn’t use it till the week of the 4th of July (My favorite Brit’s birthday! I usually celebrate with a big parade. I get so carried away with the fireworks I somtimes forget to tell her I remembered her birthday in a GRAND style. Happy belated Birthday CATY!)


Happy Birthday!


This morning I got this cool report from Grammarly! I didn’t know they did this, but it’s kind of like having a little cheerleader. She compared me to Tolstoy! Yes, really.

I’m on a 7 week writing streak.

I’ve written 15,805 words. (Don’t get too excited they’re 97% old words and 805 new words)

I was more productive than 96% of Grammarly users.

I was more accurate than 57% of Grammarly users.

I used more unique words than 93% of Grammarly users.

My top three mistakes….missing comma in compound sentence 94 times. Missing comma after an introduction 52 times. Comma splice 49 times. (Did I call it last post or what!?!)

My spelling adversaries were Vehichle vs vehicle,  first month vs first-month, and minuscule vs miniscule.

I enjoyed the update, and since I’m sitting at the computer I think I’ll put on my headphones and see how Charley is breaking in the new guy in the Harem err, on the farm. I just call him the Cowboy. I need a good cowboy name for a kid (well, we’ll say he’s 28-ish) from Texas.



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  1. I was going to suggest Tex—and then I read your last sentence… how about Josh, Butch, Eli, Shane, John, Randolph (Randy), or Lee? Actually any single syllable name would work well for me!

          1. Yes. It was considered good back in the day. Also thought of Cody, Luke, Remo (pronounced Ray-moe) as in Remo Steele—because he’s a hard man. lol.
            Lash, a nickname because he’s so good with a whip. Maybe his real name is Lionel or something equally un-cowboy like. I’m starting to get going here. Beware of what may come up!!

        1. I have found myself watching old John Wayne movies this past week. I watched Big Jake and Rio Lobo, probably two of my favorites growing up. In fact Big Jake was definitely my favorite as a kid. My sister was strangely fascinated by John Wayne, and I’d have to admit that he was appealing to me too. I think I loved the fact that John Wayne was John Wayne was John Wayne, no matter what movie you saw him in.

          1. I love John Wayne movies. He stood for something. It wasn’t so much that they were all the same but more that his characters always were honourable and honest! Stand up guys. I don’t ever remember him playing someone shady.

          2. I believe you’re correct. Reminds me of the Johnny Cash song. Boy Named Sue. Lol.
            Now Cash is another good nickname for a cowboy. Because everything he touches turns to gold.

          3. Marion Morrison.
            Cash is a good one! I was thinking of some of the old family names on my mom’s side, Lloyd, Heber, Everett….
            My Cowboy is a sweet boy caught up in a disaster. He owns the cutest dimples, no one has seen yet in the story.

          4. HE is, short and square. Very, very solid. Stump is the nickname other guys would give him. Hm, it would mean something VERY different to Charley. Oh, I really like that!!

  2. Lol thank you honey bun, I always appreciate the fuss my lovely US friends make for my biffday xxxxxxxxxx
    Haven’t tried Grammarly yet, but then my dry spell has turned into a bloody great desert. But it wonderful that you and Liz are getting the words out there, even if I am a wee bit jealous.

  3. No, give him a real doozy of a name, Harold Ponsenby-Smythe, Vivian Smallwood, a name he either has to ‘live down’, ‘live up to’ or run with. I love the ‘naming of parts’ 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

          1. You know I do!! The trick in this reverse harem is to make every man as important but in a different way. Do you really think she won’t have a favorite? I’m very curious about that. But then I think Gerry, Richard…for very different reasons. Right?

    1. Actually Shame, or something like that, could work.
      Ooooo, maybe he’s from a HUGELY puritanical background. He could have 6 brothers, and they’re all named for the 7 deadly sins!

  4. The unique word usage percentage is great! I could believe I could use a bit more variety in my writing. You totally made the call on the comma issues. Such a productive summer young lady…quite the busy beaver. ☺️

    1. I know!! It’s exciting. I don’t know where all this productivity is coming from but I just keep thinking of stuff I want to write about! I have one more blog post I’d like to do this week…..whaaaaaa? Crazy days.

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