It’s snowing. On my spring break, it’s snowing.IMG_0843
Maybe that’s why the kids and I are feeling lazy today.

Yesterday it was 59 degrees Fahrenheit. I took the girls swimming and watched them jump the hell out of the diving board, it was glad to see us leave; we went out to lunch and stopped at Hobby Lobby to look for a giant teddy bear. We didn’t find the teddy bear but all their spring stuff was 40% off and we found a giant metal sun to hang on the front door.


these mermaids


a couple of Beanie Boos


and some spatulas that you can imagine.

We barely got out of there for under $100. We should not be allowed in that store unless we are escorted by a verified left-brainer.

By the time we got home, we were tired and a bit snippy with each other. However, the sun was shining and we were in our shirtsleeves, with all our doors and windows open.

It’s easy to be optimistic on beautiful days in NoDak.


But not so much today.

The girls and I talked about going to the movie, I considered, briefly, scrubbing carpets, but we all settled on letting me write in mostly undisturbed bliss. So her we sit, all still in our warm fuzzy pajamas, wrapped in fleece blankets, all on different electronic devices; the silence disturbed every once in awhile by the boy, cursing the Bonneville Salt Flats as he races his virtual Lamborghini Murcielago across it’s salty crust. He’s talking on his earbuds to his best friend who is racing with him, linked up by the magic of wireless.

To some this may be snapshot of a world gone very wrong. But on a cold snowy day with the wind rattling the windows, we are enjoying being all together in the same room, happily doing what we each enjoy. Like a good, pain in the ass, mom, there are days when I require everyone’s participation in a game at the dinner table, or all electronics off by seven or some other onerous requirement.

Today is not that day.

Later on I will go out to the new Superman Vs Batman movie, yes, despite the critics. I like Zack Snyder. He made 300, I’ll always give him another chance to make me smile.

[getty src=”73321881″ width=”594″ height=”396″]

I’ve discovered that most times the critics widely pan a movie, I know I’m going to LOVE it! So, if you get there before me, save me the seat closest to the middle and I like butter on my large popcorn….


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