Feedback Month

We’re down to less than twenty days of school left, here in NoDak. For me, this signals my least favorite meeting of the year is coming. I hate the end of year meetings with the Principal where we talk about how the year went and he asks what I think needs to change for next fall. But thanks to my little friend, Pocket, this year might be less painful. Yesterday, Pocket sent me this article The Six Qualities of Good Feedback .

Turns out, if I tweak my words a little, I can still complain bitterly about what I hate only this year it might actually make a difference. Our principal is a good man, he wants a happy and hard-working staff and he seems to honestly welcome suggestions and some criticisms, from some people.

To me, it’s like high school all over again. The dreadful walk to the principals office. Every single thing you’ve done wrong this year, rattling through your head with every step. If I was hip and cool I’d insert a picture of Dumbledore here but no, this is what’s in my head when I think about the principal.


And my spot in line here-



So, back to feedback. In truth, there are some things that must be dealt with if I’m to continue working in some areas. It includes pointing out an employee or two and the differences that make it really hard for us to do our jobs together. Always with the underlying concern that I’m the different employee. I feel naked when I complain about others. I chant my mantra of change, be the squeaky wheel, be the squeaky wheel, be the squeaky wheel. I hate squeaky, self promoting, bitchy wheels. I love quiet, greasy, smooth running, hard working wheels, that’s what I like. And being the stick that breaks the spokes in the squeaky wheel, I love that.


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  1. Just ready this, really sorry but so much stuff has happened at here that I’m a wee bit out of touch.
    I’m also trying to prepare for my ‘exit’ interview on my retirement, now I think I may have come up with a nice little icy blast for my employers, many thanks petal xxxxxxx

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