Enviable Innocence


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Many years ago…



My youngest is twelve.

She loves BTS as only a twelve-year-old girl is capable.

She will defend and adore them to her last breath, happily annihilating all of your protestations.

You will LOVE them. There is no reason not to.

Resistance is futile.

Resisting her or them, both impossible.

Last week I saw this tweet, and it made me laugh, I shared it with our little Family Army, the girls and I.

[wpvideo o5MOIoV7]

Okay, I was thinking of all the women (and men) trampling each other to get a chance to teach Jin a naughty thing or two. I admit it!

Youngest child’s reaction-

(Laughter) But what could I possibly teach Jin? He already knows Korean.

Mom laughed a little harder, but her heart expanded mightily!

In this world, in this day and age, with everything out there trying to strip a child’s innocence and humanity, somehow this one still retains that childlike joy and pure love.


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0 thoughts on “Enviable Innocence”

  1. You weren’t considering teaching him anything naughty were you???😜.
    I hope your daughter retains her innocence for as long as possible. It’s very sweet! Likely an indication of your stellar parenting skills too!!

    1. I think that’s why I was so surprised by her sweet reasoning. I’m such a degenerate. The only one I consider out of bounds is JungKook, he’ll always be a baby boy in my eyes.

  2. My daughter is 15 going on 22. She gets every sexual innuendo online in terms of BTS. And there’s a lot of that out there! Jin is hot. Just wanted to share that.

    1. LOL
      My daughter won’t let me watch any performance of Baepsae if she’s in the room…
      Jin is totally hot. Just wanted to agree with you.

        1. Also, this is exactly why after seeing this man live, he went from near bottom of my bias list to the very top. And he holds that place firmly to this day.

          1. I think any of them could be a bias wrecker at any given moment. If Taehyung came at you even for 0.5 seconds? Consider yourself bias-wrecked. 🙂

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