Do Something Different

I get the Seeds of Life blog in my inbox and often I only read the title but every so often it lights a little fire in me. If only because I would love to be able to forgive myself for any of a million things, a little food for thought.

Let today be a day of self-compassion. A day to forgive ourselves for a past regret, past struggle, missed opportunity. We all have times in life where we would have liked to have reacted or done things a bit differently. Made a different choice, chose a different word, taken a different road. But regret always…

via Self-Compassion Helps Release a Piece of What’s Holding You Back – Unknown — The Seeds 4 Life

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  1. I’ve spent a few days brooding on this. Both the original author, you and collaredmichael are all right. I think it would be awesome if we could just let go the anger, grief and shame. To forgive ourselves and others, to just open our fingers and watch it drift up, up and away like a released balloon. I want that, I want to strike a line and say all that energy I waste shall now come to me and my dreams. I think the real gift though is knowing how to do that, and so far I lack that talent.

    1. For better or worse, I find it simpler now that they’re both gone. I breathe a little easier, I find myself more acceptable. I’m sure it has something to do with not having parent’s to please. I admit I’ve never felt I was successful in that endeavor but it was somehow as vital to me as the air I breathe, their approval. Now I look at me and see what I see, not filtered through what they wanted for me. I must say I’m not thrilled. What’s that old saying about pleasing everyone or no one or just settling to be happy in yourself.
      I’m starting the year with much to daydream about.
      Happy New Year Nell!

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