Diatomaceous Earth-My Experience


Well, it’s been nearly six weeks, here’s what I think. For reference, this is not my first detox. This is the latest in a several years long search to finally understand my body. The ravages of stress, ignorance, three pregnancies and lots of unnecessary trips to the doctor finally taught me that a pill for the symptom was not going to solve the problem. I’ve learned so much about myself that I wish I’d known a long time ago, but it will work for the good of my kids, and I’ll be happy with that.

Now, Diatomaceous Earth, on the down side, I’ve not felt so crappy in such a revolving door manner for a very long time.

I can commiserate with this guy….

On the up side, I didn’t contract pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (David), the longest word in most major English dictionaries and the medical name of the lung disease contracted by inhaling very fine silica particles. There is some debate, but most agree that silica particles found in food grade earth are not the lung destroyers. In any case, I drank it, didn’t breathe it.


The hardest part of this particular detox was the constantly sick feeling, in a roundabout of symptoms. Starting with bloating, then on to sugar cravings as Candida died, then headaches and body aches, the sinuses have been the worst but I think I’m coming to the end of those now, close to six weeks into my experiment.

Everything I’ve read has talked about this magical three-week mark where you just begin to feel better. I admit, I was depressed as I passed that mark with no relief in sight. However, on our first snow day, this week I felt, good. I wrote it off to the joy of sleeping through a record making blizzard. But as Tuesday night rolled around and I decided to do dishes before going to bed, I thought again…..and decided it was surely because I got to sleep in.


Wednesday, I didn’t sleep in. I woke up at 545, and laid around for an hour trying to convince my brain to sleep in, then, in complete disgust, I got up before 700 on a SNOW DAY. I enjoyed a quiet cup of tea and some reading, true luxury. Then I cleaned my room, put clothes away, washed bedding, vacuumed the air filters, dusted the ceiling fans, remade the bed and cooked not one but two separate meals for dinner, and baked a loaf of bread for good measure. You start to see my wonder?

I helped my youngest with her homework, gave both cats spray baths and clipped all eight feet worth of toenails. I didn’t even nod off watching Project Runway on my laptop, interesting.

Thursday morning, I woke up at 545 a.m.. I had a total breakdown at 745 a.m. when it came to light that my middle child had misplaced my house keys, and ten minutes later when I slammed out of the apartment leaving it unlocked for the entire day I was feeling pretty crappy. I quickly recovered my good will at work after I had the opportunity to complain about middle child to several other parents of middle schoolers. The weather was pleasant, 25 degrees, no wind, lots of snow around. I felt good. I just felt good. The aches and pains of the past weeks have radically diminished, especially in my bendable parts, and my sense of well-being has increased.

So, you want to know if I would do it again? Yes, I believe it’s been very beneficial for me. My sugar cravings are non-existent, I take a bite of a cookie and feel no interest in another. That’s a wonderful cue for me. For that reason alone I would continue taking the earth. But yes, it tastes good and my body desires it. I’ll continue along, though probably drop back to having it once a day.

The final word, in my continuing search for optimal health, I’ll definitely keep this in my tool kit.



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    1. I bought a five pound bag of food grade Diatomaceous Earth from my local herbal store after I read on (well, I read on a lot of sites) thehealthhoneys.com that it might help rid me of candida overgrowth once and for all. Candida and I have battled for literally years, with sugar cravings being one of the big indicators. I’ve tried different detoxes over the past 5-10years and this was by far the cheapest (I think I paid 28.00 for the bag which will last me easily through the holiday season) and so far, incredibly successful. You know how the treats roll through the break roms of schools …. it’s nice to know after one nibble I’ll be shrugging and walking away!

      1. I’ll have to look into this. I know my blood sugar is out of control by the amount of yeast on and in my body. I’m tired of taking pills. I really am. If I can get my blood glucose under control…

        1. Yeah, the yeast lives on sugar and makes you crave sugar and when you take steps to kill the yeast, the sugar cravings and headaches go through the roof. Candida is a pernicious little b****.

          1. I’ve actually quite drinking Coke Zero because it just doesn’t taste good anymore. So earlier this week I stole a can of regular coke from my son…haven’t had a full sugar coke for years. I took a few sips, enjoyed the bubbles but quickly hit the limit and handed over the rest of the can to the kids. It’s very freeing, being able to take it or leave it.

          2. A few years back, I mixed Coke Zero with Coke, hoping to wean my self over. I got to half and half and just couldn’t after that. Someone gave me a Coke Zero through the drive through a few ago in error and I took it back. Horrible horrible.

            I USED to be able to drink Diet Dr. Pepper. I can’t with that anymore either.

            I just need to kick the sugar habit completely. I might die before that happens.

          3. I’ve gotten so I don’t like to drink diet, don’t like the effect it has on me. I also don’t like to drink that much sugar, so …..my kids have to share.

    1. The first time it happened, I thought, this is what it’s like for normal people. I took a bite of a chocolate frosted brownie that I’d been eyeing, my mouthwatering and everything, and the second it hit my tongue was so anti-climactic I was shocked. It tasted fine, just like a brownie, rich and chocolately but somehow with no power over me. I didn’t even eat the whole thing. It was a life changing moment.
      I still get the odd sugar craving here and there and there are times that my eyes just have to have a bite, but all it is is one bite and I’m over it. It’s pretty damn amazing.

  1. You have been on quite a healthy bender here ๐Ÿ™‚ That medical term…I’m still pronouncing it as I type, lol! Sounds like you have come out the other end of this and I’m glad you are feeling better now and reaping the benefits ๐Ÿ™‚

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