Cold-Blooded Murder?

She asked me outright, “Have you thought perhaps she killed him?”

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I think I stood across the counter from her staring blankly for a good minute.

My cousin stared back at me, unblinking.

I had just shared the story of my dad’s death last November.

Let me backtrack a bit.

My cousin and I were in our rental in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, planning to attend my half-brother’s wedding the next day.

I had picked her up in Kansas City at her airport hotel the day before. We’d passed a pleasant day driving down to Arkansas, getting lost more than once, and talking like we’d known each other a lifetime. In truth, we had just met face to face for the first time. She is my second cousin on my birth mother’s side. She is the match I contacted on Ancestry and the woman who put my birth story together for me. She probably should have been a detective. She is a slim, tiny woman with beautiful silver hair and a subtle quiver of energy about her. She just asked me if I thought my dad was murdered.

Possibly a little alarmed at my prolonged silence, she added, “I mean, I doubt he changed his will without some kind of encouragement, she was moving her kids and grandchildren in, she knew he was going to have the shoulder surgery. He wasn’t a young man, and that is a pretty complex surgical procedure.”

I had not thought of it that way.

It’s hard to remember, did we think of it at all that week or did someone voice it later?

He was dead and embalmed before I made it into the state. In retrospect, allowing that may have been a mistake. But it also may not have been avoidable. A wife, even a second wife, holds all the cards, I ‘ve learned, and learned, and learned again.

My dad’s second wife is an evil, grasping woman. Concerned that she be seen as a ‘good Mormon,’ she runs around declaring her right to everything my mother and father owned. Lord knows, I’ve been told enough times by my lawyer sister in law, that it’s true. She owns everything.

Fine, it can be true, but it will never be right.



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  1. Wow. That’s a scary thought. I hope she did not. On the other hand I’m glad you’re enjoying your new found cousin! I do wish you nothing but happiness!!

      1. The fact that people can think that about her is an indication of the type of person she is—and that isn’t a positive view. I’m sorry for you and your family!

          1. I really wish Xians had a clue how they look to others when they transgress. When a car cuts me off in traffic, I just think “jerk.” When a car with one of those fish insignias cuts me off in traffic, I think “self-righteous jerk. Christians are horrible drivers.”

          2. lol
            For me, it’s the idea that because they’re Xian and working so hard doing God’s work that anything they do is righteous. The way they spin every action to be the will of God and that they are simply doing their Christian duty, just makes me CRAZY.
            …says a girl who spent most of her life identifying as Xian.

          3. I’m familiar with the feeling of whiplash, although I don’t have it as much as I did twenty years ago. If I really thought they were cutting me off in traffic b/c G-d wanted them to I would be enraged!

  2. Are those their Temple clothes? Very white.

    re: second wife — the trick is for the first wife to carry out a series of legal maneuvers. Not everything can be protected but quite a bit can be. However, the fewest people think of this. Given my own experiences I would very much recommend to any married couple that if they care about their children they look into this after their birth.

    re: murder — old people are often extremely vulnerable. It doesn’t take much — a pill too many or too few, a carpet in the wrong place, the wrong food or too much food or not enough water or too much water — they are susceptible to everything.

    1. Yes this was after their civil Temple marriage since they’ve both been sealed before.
      Second wife issues are the most common when it comes to estates. Our small town lawyer said he see’s more situations like our s than anything else.
      Old people- what can I say. Both mom and dad died in the month following elective surgeries. Mom’s was a hernia surgery and dad’s a shoulder. He was convinced he would out live his dad and he needed a bionic shoulder for the next 20 plus years.
      We suspected blood clots were the cause in both deaths. There was a time in my life I wasn’t suspicious.

      1. There are probably differences between states, but my parents’ estate arrangements would have made it very hard for anyone except us to get at the assets. If he would have remarried he would still have had his monthly income from various sources, but it would have been hard for a second wife to touch the principal or real estate. But that was was what my parents decided themselves — over thirty years ago now.

        Blood clots — yeah. Hard to disprove.

        1. My dad did whatever he wanted and my mom went a long with it. That was their plan.
          Mom hated wearing support stockings after surgery and struggled a lot with the pain of getting up and down. I think after she went home from surgery, Dad let her sit too much and was too busy to push her to get up and around.
          As for dad, he thought he was bulletproof. Who knows, it could have turned out exactly as he meant it to. He was none to happy with his children in the years following mom’s death. He did two years to the day that mom did. Maybe mom was watching out for us after all, lol.

          1. If there is a Last Judgment and G-d is righteous patriarchy is going to have to answer for a lot of sinning.

          2. Me, too, but I’m guessing like a lot of things involving time in the Christian cosmology it won’t happen in a linear way.

  3. Wow. What a thought. Probably not, though, although it sounds like she took full advantage of the situation afterwards. Nice that you are getting to know your newfound family though.

    1. Yeah, I hope not, too. That brings in a whole new range of emotion I wouldn’t know what to do with. My new cousin, though, phenomenal woman and lots of fun to talk with!

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