BTS is coming

In April, my oldest daughter asked me to take her to a concert in Chicago at the end of June. She had to spell it for me. Wanna One. I’m sure I gave her a weird look. Seriously.tired-377438_1280

In May, I had never heard of a BTS, and the girls were still hoping for Chicago in June.

In June, I realized this music stuff had something to do with my oldest daughter’s new Korean fascination. Certainly it had influened her recent hair color love. She’s tried the turquoise and is currently flying the red flag. She looks freaking adorable. I’m not even going to start on what it’s done to clothing preferences.

About this time, I also realized our move would make the June trip to Chicago impossible.

In July, I looked up from my boxes to watch my two daughters practicing choreography while watching YouTube on the TV. They moved in pretty amazing synchronicity, using dance moves I’d never seen. They told me it was K-POP and they loved it. They were sorry to miss Wanna One but understanding.

I said, “Maybe that means there’s something better coming.”

Both girls looked at me and yelled “BTS! BTS IS COMING”


I didn’t know what a BTS was.  Don’t worry, they were going to fix that.

In August, they started showing me videos and playing K-POP songs all day at home, every time we got in my car, and quizzing me on the names of the members of the group. By the middle of August, a few BTS songs had wandered onto my own playlist. By the time work started up again, Airplane Part 2 was my alarm clock song. It still is. My daughters tell me I now have to learn the chant all the girls say at the concerts….lmao. No.


When I took a bit of time to listen, read the lyrics, watch the incredible dancing-it didn’t take long to hook me. I mean each one is more beautiful than the last! Their version of rap and the lyrics to their songs are nothing like what we have here in the US. I can’t tell you how happy that makes the mom in me. I know there are issues in the K-POP world, just like anywhere, but I love watching my girls dance and sing in Korean. Give me that any day of my life over Kei$ha and Pitbull telling my girls –

I have ’em like Miley Cyrus, clothes off
Twerking in their bras and thongs, timber
Face down, booty up, timber
That’s the way we like the what, timber
I’m slicker than an oil spill
She say she won’t, but I bet she will, timber

This was younger daughter’s favorite song before BTS.

It’s September, I can name each of them on sight, almost on sound of voice. Today I contacted my brother in Chicago to see if we could stay with him the first week of October. I’m gulping a bit at the price of tickets but after doing a little research online, I’m going to wait a bit before buying. I don’t know much about buying concert tickets but it’s pretty fascinating what people do to make money off them.

This may sound silly coming from a woman my age, but I find myself looking forward to this concert with almost as much excitement as the girls. Similar excitement, a few less hormones.  It will be my very first concert as well. My mom thought they were too dangerous a place for girls in the eighties. In a way, she’s the one who started this whole thing. When my oldest asked if I would take her I told her, “My mother would NEVER have done that.”

“Why? What did she have against fun?”

I just laughed. My mom didn’t have fun. Her idea of fun was picking raspberries at 5 AM every other summer morning, all summer.

Thanks for the lesson, Mom. I won’t make the same mistake.


Just an added bit of fun –

Remember when we had a favorite member of a band? John in Duran Duran or some such? Now they call it their bias. My girls each have a bias in BTS. It’s silly but I’ve actually found a favorite of my own. I know, it’s like being a kid again for a minute and pretty silly. However, the first person to guess my bias will receive a copy of my first book, Solitude. I’ve only recently made it available in print. I haven’t even got my copies yet, but one of them is reserved for one of you!

I could give you hints but it wouldn’t help you at all!😂 I will tell you daughter 1 adores V and daughter 2 adores JungKooK. I’m certainly not going to overlap bias with them! I have some err, no, I don’t have any. I do prefer one of the others though.

Who is Carly’s bias?



I’m resisting making a lis

Favorite BTS Songs

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Fake Love





Seriously-someone come stop me!



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  1. Mean, moody and magnificent?
    Lol With my two it was Pulp and Blur versus Oasis. Lucy had a crush on Jarvis Coker and Damon Albarn, simultaneously. For Alex it was the more ‘manly’ Oaisis.
    Your first concert? Oh, my lovely you are going to LOVE IT! There’s nothing like live music, the atmosphere is wonderful.

  2. Carly’s bias = JIN !!!

    …I hope…😌… I’ve loved and enjoyed everything you’ve written.

    I nearly finished Solitude after I downloaded it January 15, 2016 while being a 24-hour caregiver to my sweet Mom. I could only steal reading moments at bedtime but exhaustion literally allowed morsel reading. Unfortunately, she passed May of same year and I never completed the book. Of course, now I’ve no excuse to reread Solitude followed by Book 2 which I have!

    I truly wish your delicious books had narration! That would be delectable!
    Thank you for My Perfect Mistress (absolutely my favourite and hungered for more!) which was suggested reading via the ZeeMuse blog way back when and have been hooked ever since for any erotic yummies you might create!!

    Okay, I’ll leave you be but DO NOT stop creating because you’ve given my little life joy and smiles! ~a;)

    1. Alma! Welcome and Thank you! What a wonderful comment you’ve left for me!
      I understand, with your mom. My mom died before she could read my books. I worked through it with
      Kawaipuna Cottage.
      I love that Mistress is your favorite! You might like knowing there is more story for Chase and Zoe. I just have to glue myself to the chair!
      Aw, sweet Jin! Alas, he is not my bias! But never fear, no one else has played yet, you could win by default! Woot!

  3. My son was raised on 50’s and 60’s and jazz and during his teen years, loved game show themes. That’s an Aspie for you. I was a child of the 70’s, so I was into hard rock – the guitar gods. My first concert was Queen. I was an adult (barely) and I told my mom a large group of us (3) were going to the (now demolished) Omni and we’d be fine. We were. I had to take everyone home, so I didn’t get home until 3 AM, but damn, Freddie was fine and I was in love with the drummer. Someone was passing a joint down the row and the very straight-laced and formally dressed 30-something sitting next to us swore she was NOT a narc when she passed it to us. Today I have to think how many lips I didn’t’ know was on that joint….

          1. See, I don’t know if I can watch the movie. I loved Freddie so much that I’m not sure I can watch someone else pretend to be him.

          2. I’m looking forward to the movie. Rami Malek looks like he might pull off playing Freddie Mercury and I thought I read Brian May was involved in some way, but that was last year so I don’t remember details anymore. The tough part will be if they get someone to mimic Brian May’s guitar 🎸 and do a close up of those licks.

          3. I saw them a a couple of times as a teenager, in the days when Freddie had long hair and wore his ballet jumpsuits. He was so graceful and (to me) beautiful and I loved his vocals, lyrics, piano. Those were of course the days when a concert ticket was less than $10 !

    1. Could I be any more jelly right now! You freakin’ saw 🎶 Queen 🎶 live 🎵 Zee!!!

      One of my sisters in Seattle, adopted an 8yr old out of foster care and happened to introduce this new child to Queen. Imagine my surprise when on her first visit to Utah, she asked if I had any Queen songs (as if) we could play. Gïrl can’t get enough of listening to Queen and I love it! I introduced music 🎶 to another sister’s first born, now all grown up, but to this day he still loves RUSH, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and a whole lot more. Sigh, life is good when there is music.🎵🎶🎵😊.

      FYI – Thanks for recommending Carly’s writing, finally got a little time to read her work and I don’t think I’ll be able to stop reading whatever she writes, which is good cause it will give me some fun while waiting for your golden prose. No pressure on either of you of course. 💕

        1. Yes Zee is amazing, but she was right about your writing. Thank you for sharing it with the world. I’ve bought two of your generously priced books on amazon, but the bondage one is a little scary for me. I will try it, but even Zee’s light tie up scenes and well, other stuff, have me a bit intimidated. So I’ll be taking it all very slow in the reading department. I am a former catholic school girl that didn’t do anything wrong, other than smart mouth the nuns. Now if Zee could crack the whip on WhatCatyDidNext’s stories. Heh

          1. Lol darling, you are a obviously a woman of great taste and extraordinary discernment 😉
            Haven’t written properly for an age, I now just stand in awe of those that do🤗

          2. It is never to late to do it again, you have in you. At least based on your past works, I think it is there waiting for you to find it. 👻

          3. Tapping the toe? Yes, I want more of that too, but now that l hear Caty might show up with a whip, I’m not so sure I wanna push her. But I do so hope there is more to come 🤭👻💕

          4. Lol, one doesn’t ‘crack the whip’ on Miss Caty’s works, Miss Caty brings the whip for which we are all eternally grateful!
            Caty will write again soon, she can only hide for so long before her muse will out her.

          5. Buttering!!!!!! Just been discussing my utter uselessness with auto correct with Vicki (redliverpool) sent her any number of nonsensical messages courtesy of predictive text!

          6. There were times I would write into the message box and she would copy it out and clean it up. I was really sick – down for 2 months – it was just after Spawn had his open heart surgery, or maybe it was the year after, I forget. No it was right after because I was out with him for 6 weeks and then was only back for 6 weeks before going out for 8. It was a bad bad time.

          7. I had a beta many years ago, when I first started fan fic, she was a dream. Always seemed to get things I was struggling with. A truly simpatico relationship.

          8. I get the best plot lines doped up. Manna from Heaven was the result of a rather realistic half-asleep session while flying on hydrocon. I’d chalk it up to a realistic dream, however when I got up the next morning, there was the bullet list typed out on my laptop!

          9. That is good to know . . . about Caty’s 🗯 Muse 📣 I mean.
            ⏳ I’ll be patient ⏳ Besides, I’m probs too meek to want to see her show up with a whip. Heh

  4. All right… I will guess Rap Monster, just because he’s chosen to be different with the blonde hair.

    Wow! Your first concert! I don’t blame you for being excited. I have seen a lot of concerts and I never stop being excited by them. I agree with your daughter — they are fun!

    I think my first was The Osmonds in 1972. Not my choice — I was a Jackson fan — but my friend had an extra ticket and, hey, it was a concert!

    My hubby and I took my older son to see Avril Lavigne when he was 10 and she still sang teen music. I was excited for that too!

    Hope you have a great time!

    1. Growing up Mormon, I would have loved to see the Osmonds! lol
      Rap Monster, he’s the group leader, the first member, kind of the dad. He has these dimples when he smiles…..He also speaks fluent English. Alas, he is not my Bias. It’s funny because there is something different I love about each one of them. However, my eye is drawn to one just a bit more often than the rest…
      Thanks Sue, I think we’re going to have a blast!

          1. But I’m not lying, I am married to a good Mormon returned missionary man. If I was badass, I like to picture myself as Annie Lennox in that sweet dreams video, or her singing Missionary Man. I live in Utah and it is still after decades here, culture shock for this former catholic school girl.

          2. Whoops, sorry about my rude culture comment. That makes seems really. If I was using my brain, I would have realised, Mormons are the new reproductive Catholics. Although my Hubs insists that Catholics still out reproduce the Mormons. Please don’t mind me, or take me seriously, I am a jackass most of the time. 😈

          3. Oh thank you for not being offended. Whew, I sort of expect people to be offended by what I say. When I first moved here, I didn’t buy any newspapers, but as I was trying to learn the landscape and how to get to work etc… I would always see LSD on the headlines of the newspapers. One day at new job, I asked why there was such a drug problem here. ???? I then mentioned the LSD prob that is always the headlines on newspapers. Someone clued me in saying it wasn’t drugs. (After they were done laughing at me.) They told me it is Latter Day Saint/LDS not LSD D’Oh

          4. LOL Your brain trying to make sense with the only thing it recognized? Conversely, Utah has one of the highest (7th, I believe in the nation) rates of opioid related suicide.

          5. Seriously? Then why is the population growing so fast? Are they killing themselves because they have too many kids? Sorry, I’m being an insensitive jackass again. I know there are a variety of factors involved in addiction and suicide. I just think too many people use the vaginia like a clown car. You know, where little person after little person continue to come out. 👶🏻

          6. Oh, the layers. I don’t even know where to start. I’m happy with my three, I don’t think I could handle any more! There are a lot of factors, including not listening to your own heart and body.

          7. I know, and some woman I know say they actually enjoy being pregnant. I guess everyone needs to decide for themselves, but I also think some people don’t think it through before they start reproducing. Which I can say for a fact is exactly how it worked out with many members in my family. I’ll stop before I say any more on that subject. Cause I’m sure I will stick my foot in my mouth big time. 😀

  5. I’m gonna say your bias is Jhope. My bias is Jimin but it was so hard to choose one cause I love them all the same 🙂 I wish I could go to one of their concerts but unfortunately i didnt have the money. Hope you and your girls have fun. 💜💜💜

    1. J-Hope, the perennial sunshine of the group, jaw-dropping dancer, talented rapper, all around energizer bunny. Alas, not my bias. I know exactly what you mean. They all have something special about them.
      I’m hoping ticket prices go down just a bit before then, but thank you! We are really looking forward to it!

  6. Inspired after reading Kawaipuna Cottage the hubs and I are watching 🎶
    AC/DC 🎵 live 🎶 concert footage. I don’t know what DVD he is playing right now, don’t want to interrupt the music, but I think he must have heard me playing them 🎶 on my iPod earlier today. Heh

      1. Hahaha, you know, until I saw some of the interviews with Angus and Brian AC/DC lead guitar and vocals after Bon Scott died, listening to Brian explain how he got the call that they wanted him to replace Bon, I had forgotten Brian was Scottish!!! Also explained the 7 second delay in my brain as that’s usually how long it takes for it to translate what most Scottish guys say. Which is an improvement over the 5 minutes it would take me in the 90s to translate what they said, especially in Glasgow. Every time I turned around, I was in a pub because I’d follow as my brain was translating but it all meant let’s get a drink to celebrate your visit. Somehow tho, I think they would have gotten a drink at the pub even if I hadn’t shown up. Hah. ♥️ The Scots, they stole my heart a little bit in Glasgow. (Hmmm, or maybe it was just my virtue, haha not really, it was already gone.)

          1. Being the comic, music, book nerd that I am, the hubs and I ended up meeting a friend first thing, Steve McDonald (moved to Edinburgh later) at his comic shop, AKA Books and we all never parted the whole time we were there. I miss that man, meaning, I lost touch, he was good, he was wonderful.

          2. I would love it and I promised the hubs I would go back to the UK, but need to spend time with my girls. (No not my boobs, I tell him because he has visitation rights.) I would gladly bring Carly and Zee with me, we just can’t share sleeping space because it keeps the hubs up all night and he needs his beauty rest for driving me when we travel.

          3. Will alert the media (all O’you) when we start making plans to travel back to the UK. Even if it is last minute. He has been known to tell me he is going somewhere cool last minute and I can go with him or miss out. In which case, I’d still let you all know.

          4. follow up, was responding to Guylty on twitter a few hours ago while walking dog with hubs. Guylty says she would make me pear pie/cake if I got back to Ireland. It has to be cause I can barely boil water that he is now asking me (right now as I type) when can we go back to Ireland/UK, so it may be sooner than we all think. Like Jan/Feb 2019 or something. Ha Zeesmuse? Carly? What does first quarter of 2019 look like to you girls? Do you have vacation time you can get away from work?

          5. I guess I never thought about if I like airports or not. I think I like traveling by train best, not for any specific reason. I’ve flown more than taken a train anywhere. But when I was a kid, (13yrs and up) I used to ride the passenger train to Spokane a lot because I started going to an all girl catholic high school there. When I’ve been able to travel in Europe by train I’ve liked it a lot too. Even crappy trains. I am not a romantic, I think if I have the time, I like seeing what I’m traveling through. On a train, I don’t feel so crammed in I guess, I can read and have my music on at the same time without having someone so close they can hear and read what I am.

            Airplanes make me feel like I’m a kid again like when four or five of us slept in the same bed kind of crowded. Yeah, don’t miss waking up with a foot in my face, that’s for sure. But the plane is different than the airport, guess I have to pay a bit more attention to them. hmm I don’t know.

            I love driving best of all. With the tunes 🎵 turned up to 11, I’ve driven to Washington and back so many times, and mostly by myself, listening to nothing but the Pretenders 🎶 and not wanting to stop because the music was so good. When on the rare occasion I get to travel with the hubs by car, we pretty much do the same. Although we listen to audio books too because he won’t listen to two or three albums for 12 hours in a row and I will. heh

    1. Damn . . . You must have been lucky, sleeping in the park like that. The stoopid stuff I did growing up, I’m amazed I escaped unscathed as I did. Doesn’t mean I’d ever let any child get away with it now though. 😊

        1. Your kids are sensible? You mean they wouldn’t sleep in a public park alone, unguarded, vulnerable to any perv or sicko stumbling through said park? You _Are_ lucky girl! 🍀 I am so glad you survived if for no other reason than so we can enjoy your writing when you grace us with it. No pressure 💕

    1. I was JUST watching this British crime cold case thing….and I quote “Caty and Fiona we’re officially designated high ranking members of the dumb luck club, later that summer.”

          1. Lol Just looked it up, and still don’t know it!
            You should give Silent Witness or Unforgotten, the later is the best, another of my many ‘not-so-secret sins’.

  7. I’m a mom of a BTS ARMY (she’s 14). AND…. I’ve become an ARMY since I first discovered BTS 1.5 yrs ago! In fact, while my daughter introduced me to k-pop, but it was I who got her stan-ing BTS! 🙂 Of all the K-pop groups I listen to and have given a shot, BTS has me returning to their music again and again – new and old works of theirs. My daughter and I now have 6 hours of their music (that’s music we’ve bought, not just what we stream from our Apple Music subscription). And yes it took me awhile to understand how to speak ‘kpop!’ LOL! 🙂

    We went to the Canada BTS concert – two nights in a row! It was just outside of Toronto, where we live. They were outstanding!!!

    The choreography and dance skills got my attention first but now I’m pretty impressed with their individual skills whether vocal or rap, music production or lyrics creation. As a parent I’m also grateful of the message they deliver not just to the younger generation but to everyone willing to listen.

    1. I completely agree with you! It’s so wonderful to hear from a parent who knows exactly what I’m talking about! Thank you so much for joining us. I’ve been finding it hard to spit out the words like I want to, you’ve said it so perfectly!

  8. Bts needs to come to little rock in Arkanasas so i can also see them i’m their biggest fun so much their so cute and also their vines are so cool and adorable I LOVE JIMIN AND RM But i like the rest of the bts

      1. Have you ever watched the tv show hormones? If so it will show their band or look them up on youtube but the girl singer in see scape is so beautiful and also beautiful voice when she is singing

  9. This was such an interesting post to read. I didn’t know this tag existed .I’m definitely trying it in the future.I also just did a Bts post where I recreate their outfits and style.It’s so much fun seeing cool posts from Armys.😍😍

    1. Oh, I must admit I’ve rotated it since that post. GoGo is now my alarm song, it took the place of Pied Piper which had a gloriously long run!
      My bias is Jimin, not cute Mochi Jimin but Angry Jimin, lol.
      I’ll come over and read your story. Rabbit hole is an accurate description of the whole process, for sure.

      1. GoGo is a great alarm song lol. When I discovered Pied Piper, I was so offended because it was so accurate 😂.

        My gym songs are Idol and DNA.

        Jimin is your bias! I did not see that coming. I tried to make the connection with Airplane part 2 and came up with J-Hope. When does Jimin get angry? I’ve read that when he’s angry he’s the scariest in BTS.

        Thank you ☺

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