Birth Order, Smirth Order!

It’s like astrology, right? At times, scarily accurate, often having nothing whatsoever to do with your real life.


This could be me.

I’m the firstborn of my mother’s children.

I’m the youngest of my father’s children

I was raised as a middle child.

It should surprise no one, how much I talk to myself.


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  1. I’m the oldest, and I would add, “I make the rules, but then I also have to be the first to try to break them, which is exhausting.” 🙂

      1. I’ve never asked him. But I broke the “no premarital sex” rule first, I broke the “not going to church” rule first, and I broke the “driving somewhere where I shouldn’t have been” rule, all about 5 years ahead of him in each case. I’m sure, however, that he broke some additional rules that I didn’t see fit to break 🙂

          1. I would be a sub rosa, my youngest brother growing was a flaunt it. He didn’t give a sh** about the rules. Still doesn’t .

  2. I broke the rules by being 2 of 5 and Captain Sensible on the team!
    Big sis is the clever, it’s-my-boat-so-don’t-rock-it, Stalinist (she, like my daughter, always have a 5-year plan on the go. Not an actual Stalinist, though she is a Labour Councillor, which is a wee bit different) 1st little bro is the rebel without a cause, but if you offer him one he will probably reject it as ‘ill-informed nonsense that you are wasting your time with’. Littlest sis is perfect mother, wife, sister and full on mum replacement for us all. 2nd little bro is…whatever-the-hell-he-wants-to-be, frequently, bless ‘im.
    Families are weird.

  3. Personally I talk to myself all the time, i think it allows you to sort out your thoughts, gives them coherence so to speak.
    But that’s just me, and I’m as mad as a cat in a bag 😉

  4. I am the youngest, by a long shot. I am a rule-follower by nature, so it’s not so much that the rules don’t apply to me. It’s more that my three much-older siblings did a great job in training my parents in what the rules should be! So, I had the advantage of much more relaxed rules, although still high expectations.

    1. Ah, a youngest child! My favorite! Parent’s aged to perfection, just stressed enough by the older kids, just the right amount of money and time…lol the perfect storm of parenthood, also known as the youngest child! Right, Sue?

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