Assignment – Who were you?

For reasons unknown, the writing class I am taking at the local college has shrunk from the six students who signed up to two of us who regularly make an appearance. It’s an observation, not a complaint. It makes for a wide-ranging, free form class that has become very engaging.

This week’s homework is to ask two friends to write a short paragraph about who you are. One friend/sibling that has known you since you were young and someone who has only known you as an adult.

jen and me

The stories my sister could tell you….but now is not the time.

kids first four

Any of these three knew quite a bit about that girl in the pig-tails.


I know exactly two people who can tell you anythingΒ  truly relevant about the heart of this woman.
The exercise is to give the writings to the teacher and see if he can guess who (I suppose which is better used in the case of only two students) the writing is about. You see, it came to light last week that I feel and am more myself now than I ever have been in my life, and think people who knew me before would be righteously scandalized. I care less about other’s opinions of myself than at any other point in my life. While the other student (who moved here a year before me, also from Pittsburgh) works hard every day to appear like she belongs with the people who live here. She takes steps to make herself disappear into the population here.

I’m going to ask a friend I grew up across the street from to write a quick description. He lives and works in NYC and we’ve only seen each other once or twice since high school. I’m going to ask a former co-worker to write the other one. She knows things about me, no one should probably know….

I’m curious, I admit it.

If I wanted to know one thing about you that only a sibling or your best friend would know, what would that be?


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      1. It will be interesting to see what they’ll write about you! So interesting to see that now there are 2 people left though, but I’m glad you’ve kept going!

  1. That would be an interesting exercise. Occasionally, we go through 360 reviews at work where we get feedback from our supervisor and our subordinates…always enlightening.

  2. This would be more interesting with a bigger class, because you could all look around and guess. Rather than a class of 2! Still a good exercise, though. Is this the “furry” teacher? I wonder if the other students finally goggled what that means.

  3. They would tell you that I march to my own beat and I’m horribly unlucky in love. My sister would tell you she wanted to be me and my brothers would tell you that when I cooked dinner, it was ready when the smoke detector went off.

  4. I’ve been casting around for something that (a) is true and (b) isn’t still a secret. It’s really hard!

    1. Lmao πŸ˜‚ oh my! STILL a secret….like the time I was getting my brothers motircycke out of the garage and the side view mirror scraped a path down the middle of the blue stripe on my dad’s brand new tricked out chevy van? It wAsnt my 🏍 😏I was blameless, pure as the driven ❄️!

      Like that? Or even better?

  5. I didn’t do stuff like that, but my brother did. The stuff in my thoughts is more sort “if it came out that she had done that, people would shun her” sort of material.

      1. See your email.

        I feel like at this stage of my life, most of the stuff like that is known and we laugh about it; if it isn’t known, there’s some compelling reason.

  6. I guess the issue of having a minor in the class resolved itself, ha! It is interesting how much of ourselves we keep hidden from other…especially the naughty things. It would be fun in your project if you were able to share something truly scandalous (naughty) with the teacher. 😈 The world might be a really crazy place if we were all completely transparent. Apollo has to maintain order and control…we can’t have Dionysus running wild without a counterbalance.

    1. I said last week in class that what people see everyday are the least interesting things about me. It’s true. I imagine my friend will sneak in something superlatively kinked😳😯😊

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