An Experiment

I’m really starting to feel my summer.

I’ve already worked about half of my summer hours, and the rest need to be saved for the week before school resumes. I’ve completed my big Calendar Math project for one of our Autistic Kiddos to use this summer and I feel pretty free. We still have a move coming up, and thankfully we only half unpacked when we moved in here in November. There are a couple of possible summer trips, but dates are still up in the air until we have a closing date. I have some time on my hands and it’s not even June yet!


I’ve been thinking about my story The Pilot. You already knew that. Here is my experiment for the summer. I’m going to write three books. One will be released on July 1st, one on August 1st, and one on September 1st. They’ll fall in the 45-55,000 word count and be in the Reverse Harem genre. It’s an experiment because I’ve never written in that genre and because I’m working off a cheat sheet on how to write one which I’ve never done before. Word is, the reverse harem is a hot spot in reading nowadays and there is money to be made. I’ve read a couple, which I wouldn’t recommend, yawn, and I think I can do this, maybe pretty well!

I just spent ninety minutes looking through my funnies page on Pinterest for this picture.ย  Oh yeah, I’ll be fine!

A book a month is, well, a tough gig. I haven’t actively written on a daily basis for a couple of years. Nothing like a baptism by fire. I’m going to start with my Butcher from The Pilotย and do a sort of post-apocalyptic, reverse harem story. I’m blogging here as a way to make myself accountable and so I don’t spend too much time, you know…



Though I certainly plan to get my fair share of it before the end of Freedom err the end of August, I mean.


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      1. Lol what, Doug Henshall, Ian Glen and Robert Carlyle?
        Not sure I could cope with all three, I seem to remember Bill Patterson once having a line in a play, ‘Scots men make love with a great deal of noise and very little subtly.’ I fear, from experience, I have found this to be true.

          1. I doubt it! There’s a horrible dearth of good reading about at the mo, just the occasional snatch that I seen to miss till weeks after it’s out there. But then I am a terrible lightweight, I only want an exciting, intriguing, witty feast.
            No pressure

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