A White Christmas


For those of you keeping (thank you Lord I don’t live there!) count, as of 6:00 am on December 26th, our Christmas Day blizzard had dumped 12.5 inches of snow on us. All day today the wind played in the piles of white stuff, moving it about in swirls of 30 plus mph. We’re under our second snow emergency of the year, and only first responders and snowplows/front end loaders are out on the roads. They had to switch from snowplows to front end loaders because the snowplows kept getting stuck, in the snow. Needless to say, with the major interstate shut down from East to West borders and more than 90% of all other roads also drifted in, our state was closed today, just the whole damn state.

My apartment is the third floor corner there… another good storm and I won’t need to take the stairs anymore. These pictures were snapped after the tractors had been running most of the morning.

Oh, you want to hear the total snowfall since Thanksgiving? 40.5 inches. It makes me kind of giddy, we still have at least three months of winter to go.


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    1. They will haul away the pile to wherever it is they are piling up all the snow so far this year, somewhere out in the prairie, I suppose. But yes, I’ve already been thinking about flooding and am glad I’m up here where I am.

      1. Tru dat. Sadly, the little geikos and tree frogs have sought shelter inside our warm abode on these few nice days when we’ve had the doors open. The cats make quick work of them, IF I don’t catch them and put them out first.

    1. It’s like how my brother defends a fiery summer in Phoenix…we just plan to go from heated house to heated car to heated work for a few months. It’s completely worth it to get to be here the rest of the year. The kids think it’s a wonderland, I mean, this is pretty highly unusual, even for us!

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