A Close Call

I’m not feeling the Christmas Spirit this year.

This morning I watched my youngest falter after opening her gifts. Her sister unwrapped a retro gaming system, and an Akibento box. Both things she’d been really excited about. Her brother got the laptop both of them asked for. She’d gotten a few bits from Stranger Things and a really nice Karaoke machine for the girl who sings everywhere she goes. Now, she didn’t ask for the Karaoke but I think she’s too young for a laptop and, in all honesty, I had a finite amount of energy to direct toward shopping. This morning I could see the disappointment. I pumped her up a bit, convinced she’d love the gift once we got it set up.

The look she gave me was incredibly familiar. I think I’ve seen it every year since she was born… So Skeptical!

I gave her a stern look and was gifted with the lip.


But half an hour later as we sang out first duet…Say Something…..the sun had come out again. all is well 1

But it was a close call I’ll remember.

Time to stand back up, put on my big girl panties, and let the dead roll in their  graves. I’ve got living to get back to.



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  1. I am SO DONE with gift-giving that I honestly never want to give another gift to a relative in my life. Merry, merry (i.e., #metoo #regardingxmas)

    1. I can honestly say that I’m happy I only worry about my kids now. I find them infinitely easier to please than I ever found my parents. At least with my kids, I’ve got a fighting chance. I wander too far out of that circle and it gets complicated very quickly.
      Hope you’re tucked in nice and warm today! -16 feels like -37 over here, until the wind blows itself out this afternoon….

  2. Merry Christmas to you! I haven’t been feeling the holiday spirit this year as much either; all I had to do was make sure my kid got what he wanted, and except for the bullying he got last week which put a damper on his mood (and ours), he was okay and is now enjoying his new video chair and iPad. Now I need to get back to work as well!

    1. Bullying!?!
      That goes along with my mantra last week at school…something about grinchy hating kids, full moon,week before christmas, grouchy grumble…stomp around and write fixit plans for brats…etc
      Yes, how about some writing!

  3. I enjoy giving gifts though if they’re not appreciated it does put a damper on things. You were clever with your youngest and if she has a few friends that like to sing, you can really put the special in the gift by getting them excited too. I’ve been missing your presence her in blogland. So I’ve been praying for you. You’ve had a lot on your plate and the pain and difficulties have a way of hanging on. I hope you are finding things a little easier now. But it is going to take a good while before you feel yourself again.

    Btw, big girl panties aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Might not even be necessary… 😜

    1. Thank you, Michael! How sweet you are!
      Yes, she has friends who will bring down the house with her. I’m hoping that this short vacation will see the end of stress related illness and sleep issues and let me step back up on my path again. I need to blog about what went down at the funeral, just to get it off my chest but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet without a lot of anger. There simply may not be a way to do it without the emotion. It’s standing in the way of everything else I want to write.
      lol….I’ve always like the underwear optional lifestyle….

  4. Merry Christmas, Carly. I bet when she has her first karaoke party with her friends it will be the best gift ever.

    We have one that goes the other way…no emotion whatsoever. 21 can open the only thing he asked for with him Mom and I expecting cheers to only get a wry smile. It is frustrating either way for parents.

    1. It is frustrating either way!
      This is the first time I’ve had a borderline on Chirstmas. And she’s the youngest, still just hanging on to the magic. It would have broken my heart to let her down.
      I guess we all remember that one Christmas when the magic didn’t show up. I try to hold it back as long as I can.

  5. We really just give to our kids and to each other now, but I still stress about whether they will like their gifts or not. Usually it all works out fine. My sister and I also send packages to each other at Christmas, with whatever gift cards everyone has asked for plus a few little things to make for a bit of fun … chocolates, Christmas decorations with their initials, little trinkets. It’s a bit of a care package since we live too far apart to get together for the holidays.

    1. We live far from everyone too. Always have, so we really focus on our little gang. We try to make the big drive every few years but it’s getting less and less common.

  6. Christmas if fun most of the time but it is always a relief to have to behind us with nothing but happy trails (hopefully). 🙂 Sounds like you managed this close call well. I hope you recorded the duet and will be sharing it with us. 🙂 Merry belated Christmas.🎄

    1. Sir! Where have you been hiding? IT is nice to have it done for another year.
      lol I didn’t record it, we need to go get an SD card! You can thank me now…..
      Hope you are well and happy! I’ve missed your wit.

      1. Hi!😃I have definitely been on a hiatus, ha! No music on the way? Well, maybe next time.🎤 I’ve missed you too young lady and look forward to reconnecting. ☺️

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