Moving on down

October has proven itself a bit of a sadist this year.

I was optimistic in the beginning, so much so, I accepted an additional 7 hour/week work assignment at the school. I’ve been feeling better, taking my adrenal pills and b vitamins and doing generally better.

The need for a second car has been growing, I didn’t want to spend too much but wanted a reliable car. I heard about a place about an hour away that sold Hail damaged cars at a discount and I found an incredible steal! Of course I’d never dealt with a salvaged title or trying to get a loan on one or anything like that but I persevered and made the deal.

Can you see the $6000 worth of damage?

On an interesting side note that only those who were kids in the 70’s will appreciate, a scant two miles from the car dealership was this little gem…two miles of dirt roads to a most tranquil, quiet little spot.

Lawrence Welk Homestead


My son turned 18 this month. That was pretty fun. We did a Trapped room and didn’t quite escape but we were on the last puzzle. He’s a little bemused by the hub bub over turning 18  versus the reality of how his life has changed….err, not at all. It’s been pretty funny.60419-jacob2b20002b06

I had a five-day weekend due to teachers training and that’s when everything went to hell. Okay, not really to hell, I got a great deal but the amount of work is just…hell. Our downstairs neighbors have never like us. Not since the day we moved in. Over the past seven years, they’ve complained, I don’t know, once a year. Usually around a holiday when I’m pretty sure the girls have resorted to jumping on beds as a form of entertainment. I don’t think we’re that bad, then again, I don’t live below us. All I know is for seven years I’ve told my kids, no running, no jumping, be quiet, in an endless loop. Over that last five day weekend we located the straw that broke the camel’s back. I did a batch of laundry after 10.

The manager called me in, waved off my apologies and begged me to consider moving to the first floor. She had an apartment in the next building over, completely updated and renovated, ten dollars more a month, don’t worry about a thing, deposit will transfer, no rush on the cleaning as the old apartment will be renovated before it’s re-rented.

HELL yes I’ll move!!

And there goes the last two weeks of October and probably the first two of November before all is said and done….


A Little Less Laughter


I remember wiping my eyes, and telling myself not to get too attached. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can’t remember the last time I’d laughed so hard. Having grown up in a house with two Koreans, a Mexican, a Filipino, and some of the whitest, bleached by old time religion white people you could ever know, Ralphie May touched the white center of my painstakingly refined and exquisitely disciplined soul.

I’ve hated the f—-ing Russians since they killed Patrick Swayze in Red Dawn in 1984. (crowd goes wild) Word! I don’t forget! Wolverines!

Asians – We all know Asians can’t drive, now here comes all this shit with Malaysian Airlines…Zero mastery of transportation. Zero Mastery.

Why are they shocked that a rich old white man who owns a team of black men and trades them, might be racists? Read a book!!

It’s important to follow the money…see where the bullshit is.

Everybody’s racist in traffic.

She sucks your dick, f—ing dents in your head.

When he sings the old religion…..  Lord, Lord, Lord,, …………. rowing those men with their one suitcase to married land.

I’d chug a dick to save my family. Not my brother. F–K Winston May, he’s a dick.

Ladies you don’t have a penis so you don’t know how unbecoming it is to drag a tooth upon one.

I love you, you can’t do anything about it!

No tard has ever been offended by the word retard, because they’re retarded. If they have been, then they aren’t that retarded. It’s the people around them that are offended and come up shit like Mentally Challenged American. That’s way more offensive than retarded, that a word most retarded people can’t even pronounce!

He’s retarded, I’m Methodist. Same thing. I didn’t know!

I ain’t gonna lie to you.


I miss him.

(Part 2…in case you’re still laughing)