Magic Men, A Month Later…

They’re still making me smile.


I’ve lived in Salt Lake City, a few different times in my life. It was the closest big city to where I grew up and I’ve always had friends and family there.

Enter, the Magic Men Live Tour.

Three weeks ago, I was on the phone with my youngest sister, who lives in Salt Lake City. We were talking about having a girls night with, well, the girls, two other sisters and two sisters-in-law and invariably the talk turned to Magic Men. You see, they were coming to Utah. My sister was hoping I’d jump a plane and come down and we’d go together. It would have been a blast. She looked up tickets, this was three weeks before the show, and was shocked that in conservative Salt Lake City, all the good seats were sold out.

She said- Who’s buying all the best seats?

I said- Good Mormon girls, that’s who!

Much laughter ensued.

I follow Magic Men on Snapchat and let me just say this, if you love the Magic Men and you don’t follow their Snapchat, you are missing out. Big time. They are hilarious and sexy and hilarious. A deadly combination.

Last night they Snapped about some social media rumors going around about the show. You see, their appearance coincided with the twice yearly LDS Men’s General Priesthood Meeting, held at the Conference Center across the street from Temple Square. The Magic Men were performing at the Salt Palace, half a mile away.



One comment in particular had me in stitches, the men go to priesthood meeting and the women go to Magic Men. I’m still laughing when I read it.  There were also several misguided comments about church tribunals and even excommunication if a woman so much as touched one of the Magic Men at the show.

Now, to clarify, a woman in the church would not be excommunicated for touching a male dancer. No matter how much her God fearing husband might wish it so. I was raised a strict Mormon and truly, you really have to be a serious screw up to get kicked out (or gay, or like to talk a lot about the church on social media, but those are other, far less fun, posts). So when I saw this Magic Men snap this morning,

Yes, that’s another girl on the floor behind him. They don’t call him Chocolate Boy Wonder for nothing!


then this one…

Nom Nom

I laughed hard enough for the girls to come check on me. Thanks guys, for the big smile before I even got out of bed this morning.



Their humor is infectious. Do yourself a favor, give yourself the gift of a little laughter, stop taking yourself so seriously and follow them! They’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.


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  1. I’m going back to read the post again from when they were in your town, ha! Those were funny messages and some very naughty girls, mmmm! 🙂

  2. You have no idea how funny I found this post. I can picture so many people I grew up around either freaking out like the end of days is coming or would be sneaking in the back door just to get a peak.

    I am glad I got out while I was still sane (although I am sure that is debatable).

    1. A friend of mine took me to their show here in September. I was scared spitless but I had the time of my life!
      I haven’t been out long, not sure I’m really all the way out yet but it is starting to look that way. I haven’t read all your posts yet but I have so many questions……

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