Creative Wonder

Did you know that you can buy Captain Crunch with marshmallows? Cute little colored marshmallows just like the ones you picked out of Lucky Charms as a kid, only with Captain Crunch you want to eat the crunchy bits too!



I’m only willing to pay for this version, though. I’m not a complete idiot.


I’m telling you this to help you understand my relationship with food. The less I have to interact with my food, the happier I am. I don’t want to cook dinner, ever. I never cook breakfast, ever. Lunch is my favorite meal, usually a sandwich piled with spinach, tomato, avocado and Wisconsin Bread and Butter pickles. I enjoy eating out but not because I have a culinary bent pr any kind of taste, I just love that it wasn’t me who cooked it. It’s the ultimate luxury, sitting down at a table and being brought food. And I’m usually satisfied by the fare I’m served, until recently, until I hit that time of life when drive through meals just aren’t  as satisfying as they used to be. Until I watched the first episode of Netflix’s Chef’s Table.


I just finished the last episode of Season 2. I feel such a need to go to Chicago and pay something north of $500 to eat at a little place called Alinea. I have such a desire to watch a chef create their art on the table in front of me.


I aspire to pick up a spoon after feasting with my eyes and brain and still not know where to start.


….and I need to eat balloons for dessert.





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          1. My personal feeling about this is that the law of diminishing returns on a fancy meal starts setting in way below $500 a plate. I’ve paid $200 on one occasion for me, but it was a really special occasion. But who knows, maybe if I had $500 to spend, I’d stop eating McDonalds — ?

  1. Cooking programs do have a weird fascination. I really don’t like cooking any more, bores the bahookie off me, since the kids left home I do as little as possible. But every so often Jamie Oliver, or one of his ilk, will be on the telly chatting like a normal person, and throwing together a creation that looks sooooooo easy, soooooooo tasty, that I’m suckered in. It never lasts though, doing the clearing up after is usually all it takes to get me back on track to sandwich/beans on toast Queen.

    1. That’s exactly right. I hate cooking because it’s the black hole of time….I’m cooking dinner and four hours later as I start the dishwasher I’m like (expletive of the day) I hate food.

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